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Thread: Masterbation

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    Re: Masterbation

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_jag View Post
    Catholics don't allow the use of rubbers or pills or any other form of barrier. They are taught that all of these are so unreliable that you're more likely to get pregnant if you use them, if they are told about them at all by the school or parents.

    They only allow the rhythm method and abstinence for birth control.
    Well that is one way to increase the catholic population. No wonder they are so devout. They have been conditioned since before birth.:rotz:

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    Re: Masterbation

    I think as long as you don't do it in church during Sunday service, masturbation is fine.

    If god has such a big problem with people doing unto themselves that which they'd like to do unto others, somebody needs to sit down with god and talk about priorities. There are much bigger problems in the world than chicken-choking.

    Besides, if god really really didn't want you to masturbate, why would he have put the damn thing where it's easy to reach?

    Go ahead... beat that thing like it owes you money. You won't go to hell, you won't go blind (guaranteed) and it'll keep you from going crazy.

    If you really, totally can't perform the act out of religious guilt, there's still another option: Jump into the shower (cleanliness is next to godliness), and remember that you can wash it as fast as you want. Problem solved.

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