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    Joel Sauceda Scammed Me!

    Joel Sauceda from Vortex Marketing Group/big value depot/maxlife research has been scamming people once again. Please be careful as he has been scamming people since 2007.

    His secretary Jamie keeps giving me the run around, whenever I call for my money back. I enrolled my brother in their program, and he didn't make a dime either as they basically stole our money through hype and empty promises. If anyone has had a similar experience please post here so we can begin building a class action lawsuit against this scammer.

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    Re: Joel Sauceda Scammed Me!

    I too have been scammed by Joel Sauceda. Several times in fact. I have been a member of Vortex since of Dec. 2005 and have invested a couple of thousand dollars to his so called investments like 4E Corp. I had almost a hundred in my downline but thankfully I did not recomend any programs until I made some money from Vortex. I never did make money just scammed out of money. I would be more than happy to join you and any one else who woud like to get their money back.

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