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    Re: Wealth Intelligence Academy

    My husband and I attended the 2 hour introductory seminar last month 3/2011, and were intrigued by what we heard. During the presentation we were invited to attend the 3 day (30 hour) training at a cost of $199 for 2. We signed up, took the materials home and prepared for the 3 day training we were set to attend in early April.

    The 3 day event was held at the Doral Country Club. Our instructor was Lee Escobar. We are both professional sales people and run a successful sales organization. We found Lees presentation to be one of the best professionally laid out presentations we have experienced. In all fairness the entire 3 days was a process of soft closes BUT that having been said, the entire three days were FULL OF INFORMATION AND SPECIFIC STRATIGIES for IMMEDIATE use in Real Estate Investing depending on ones level of experience. In our opinion, based upon the other training events/sales presentations we had attended; Lee delivered.

    Attendees learned how much they knew and how much they did not know about RE Investing. We took lots of notes and later asked many questions, all of which Lee was most generous in his answers. Because we are professionals, we appreciated the use of our time when he limited questions to breaks or after class. Who has not been in a class where the instructor spends countless minutes answering countless questions of little or no relevance to othersspecifically you? We appreciated his control over this time wasting routine.

    On the third day, we decided to invest in the courses being offered. There were many levels of entry and again in our opinion entry was simply a matter of one choosing their personal time & financial comfort level and taking the first steps towards financial freedom. At no time did Lee make it sound like it would be a walk in the park, anyone who has worked to acquire any type of wealth knows that it takes effort, commitment and desire, ten fold. So no one making this kind of commitment, regardless of the level of entry should expect anything different. YOU ARE GOING TO WORK OR FAIL.

    We find it interesting and must mention that the majority of the negative post we have found on the Internet were made by those who only attended the 2 hour intro or the 3 day (30 hour) training. Different people have different expectations and that is what makes us all human. Some expected to learn a life time worth of RE Investing in a matter of 30 hours and others attended prepared to receive 30 hours worth of knowledge, a more realistic approach in our opinion.

    From the 30 hours of knowledge my husband & I realized that we would need much more training and the assistance of a mentor if we wanted to truly succeed. Now, how one goes about this is another matter all together. For some it would be best to stick with the WIA program, for others it may be to customize the process thereby meeting their own needs be their needs that of time, money, ability to traveletc. And that is the key to making hay with this program.

    After much deliberation about THE PROCESS, notice I said process and not cost, we decided that it would be in our greatest interest to hire a personal RE mentor and begin our education there. We located the software from the original vendor and contracted our mentor for 1 year, available 24/7. What we do not learn from our mentor, simply because they do not specialize in these areas, we can always return to WIA for or hire another mentor. This is the best solution for us; others will create what works best for them.

    We just wanted to post something positive on this thread because no one should steal another persons dream simply because their expectations were not meet. And those of you who eventually find this thread need to remember that YOU are the captains of your own financial arks.

    Much success to all!
    Truthfully Yours
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    Re: Wealth Intelligence Academy

    June 1, 2011: Its still happening. I lost my money and self esteem, but most importantly MY TIME.
    I was dupped by The Puppet Master Millionare Lee Escobar www.leeescobar.com
    I actually found myself kissing up to Lee to see if he would be MY friend. (I'm embarrased and sickened)
    - Forced us to say OhYea after everything he said with a fist pump.
    - Forced us every 2 hours to say YES, you ARE teaching us what we signed up for. (LIES)
    - Black list people who dont sign up immediately, Can't Ever Attend any Tigrent class again
    - Help U set up CC, so it will pay for ADV Training.
    - FREE? I paid $199 for the Free Seminar, so I could listen to the Upsell. Or else. THEY LIE!
    - only 1 bathroom break a day to keep you in your seat listening.

    - NEVER gave ANY prices til 2nd night, and we had 10 minutes to decide OR LEAVE!!
    - CANCELLATIONS: 3 Days or else you pay!! Interesting that they have a pretty good cancel form ready, cause they KNOW a % will cancel and that's ok, cause the masses end up paying anyway making it ok to mess with people.
    - LEE ESCOBAR put L in front of his forehead, SAVINGS & 401K plans are for LOSERS. Stand Up: Repeat After Me!
    - Lee Escobar WONT ANSWER your questions, saying you are disruptive and STARES AT YOU UNTIL YOU SHUT UP OR LEAVE.
    - Lee Escobar says hes a Chaplain and uses his preacher voice and claims he was sent here to help YOU!!
    - Actual Training over 3 days: 2 hours (NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED AT ALL)
    take the Cash flow game and copy the DEAL Cards and thats what they showed us, Never Taught us anything (remember, we are poor and therefore we are Stupid)
    - Actual UPSELLING over 3 days: 22 hours
    - Surveys ARE FIXED to make THEM LOOK GOOD!!

    Why does a Chaplain get off SCAMMING poor people? Using his calling to gain your trust, calling poor people LOSERS? Telling us to Shut Up and Sit Down! I may not be like Lee Escobar (Bent-Lee), but at least I have my morals.

    Scamming using gods callings to promote your own gain? THIS SICKENS ME!!

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    Re: Wealth Intelligence Academy

    Postings from: www.greedydad.com
    Rich Dad Exposed on Hidden Camera also admits hes very upset with Tigrent / Whitney
    Florida Attorney General Case against Whitney (Tigrent, Wealth Intelligence Academy)
    Legal Copy of Whitney (Tigrent) settlement with Florida Attorney General and Re******* of Customers
    Kiyosaki Way Ohio Real Estate Commission public document
    Complaint Board Post
    Ripoff Report Rich Dad / Tigrent
    Rich Dad / Whitney / Tigrent Warnings and Lawsuit data
    John Reed Video Explaining how Rich Dad/Tigrent/etc. Are Scammers
    Is Robert Kiyosaki a Fraud?
    Whitney, Rich Dad Kiyosaki, Tigrent, Wealth Intelligence Academy on Scam.com
    Rich Dad Scam on Active Rain website
    History behind Russ Whitney Scams
    John Reeds analysis of Robert Kiyosakis dangerous advice

    Ever have a chaplin Yell at YOU? Tell you you were Stupid? Force you to Admit to LIES? Yes, we All Did it!

    I took the advice of another victim and called the GM at hotel and showed them what was going on and how they tricked us into giving them money. I said: "I am holding this Hotel responsible TOO for my losses". The GM says Rich Dad Tigrent will NOT be allowed back in!

    It seems out of 100 people, she got 30 complaints.

    Ken, Kimmee, Nathan and Lee Escobar

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    Re: Wealth Intelligence Academy

    This man is a preacher and only wants your money.

    Mobile home binder? done by a 5th grader, showed pics of what a mobile home looks like, but not anything real, ALSO, was missing the plot layout where it was going.

    UPSELL: 22 hours
    TEACHING: 2 hours
    take deal cards on game copy them, and wa-la that what he showed us.

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