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    CAUTION: I contracted with the following person using the various names below. He did some work but never completed the work as promised. He was given many extensions but never completed the work. He owes me money which I paid him because he asked and I was nice. Again he never completed the work. He emailed me saying that if I didnít give him a bad comment, he would give me back my money that I gave him. He didnít. He goes by the following: Kjaman or Kamrujaman Shohelor Kjamanebr in Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh, URL: http://kjaman.twittemaster.com | Email: mail@kjaman.com Kjaman <kjamanebr@gmail.com Any question contact Jerry at miracles@tampabay.rr.com

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    Re: Caution

    Miracle Jerry again you are proving that your are a spammer. miracles@tampabay.rr.com is a fraud and a bloody spammer everybody should kick out this man miracles@tampabay.rr.com and his domain. Miracle Jerry I am requesting you to stop this type of spam work otherwise we all expert will hit your domain and give you lesson how to teach a spammer like you.

    Good byee:2gunsfiring_v1:

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