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    USS Liberty: Blame the f***ken U.S.!

    Except from CIA DII MEMO 26
    DATED 13 June 1967

    paragraph 10.

    The Liberty sailed from Rota, Spain, on 2 June under orders to patrol no closer than 12.5 miles off the UAR coast and 6.5 miles off the coast of Israel.

    A modification of orders issued by COM6THFLT at 12:17pm on 8 June 1967 had not been recieved aboard Liberty according to the ship's Commanding Officer before the Israeli attack. This change, together with messages from other commands which ordered Liberty to apprach no closer than 100 miles off the coast of the UAR and Israel and 25 miles off the coast of Cyprus was delayed in transmission in part because of a misunderstanding of responsibilities for delivery.
    Quote...unquote....the United States is responsible for what happened to USS Liberty so her crew and the jew haters can shut the up!
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