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    Universal Funds IS A RIPOFF!!!!!

    I am a small business owner and was shopping around for more competitive rates thats where Universal Funds came In- Nicole the rep offered better credit card rates and said there were no hidden fees and So only to find out differently! I was harrasssed everyday by these people to get my information and when I hesitated to provide my social secuirty number and bank information I even spoke to the owner, Ross B( he later showed that he was the worst of them all).I faxed in my information and within a couple days I had not heard anything so, i called and did so for a couple only to be told almost everyday that the rep, Nicole was out at lunch or in a meeting or in a conference call... I was slowly becoming frustrated and on monday, I finally spoke to Ross B who profusely apologized for the lack of coth and poor business ethitic and costumer service( to say the least I was a bit upset) and then he finally informed me that I had been denied for the loan. Being a Real Estate agent I said to him I have dealt with mortgage and/or finance company and almost everyone gets denied once,BUT YOU CALL AND INFORM THEM! With that said, Ross said he would have a meeting with his co-workers about the way the deal was handled. The next day, I checked the personal bank account which I had given them a copy of a voided check and they had tried to take a total of 275:madgo:!!!!!!! from my personal account. Thankfully, the bank caught it and stopped it!!!!!I was furious and called his company only to have Mr. Ross say that the fee was legitimate for what service thats what I would like to know!!!! I was very upset and honeslty did say what the F is the fee for which he stumbled through that because of their rates they had to charge a fee( TO be honest, I don't even think he knew how to explain that one) To make matters worse, I am a small business that money could have went to feeding my children....Ross not only couldn't explain why he attempted top rob me,but he also called me a PIG because I was upset... This company is only out for the money. Nicole the rep said there were no fees to apply no one would be taken advantage of but that is exactly what happened... The boss is the worst bottom feeder I have ever come across. People beware stay AWAY from these people
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