In the end, the JFK of history is hardly a man who needed to be removed from office by shadowy, nameless forces from within the United States government.

The notion that these nebuolous anti-Progressive plotters acted in order to bring in the domestic liberal agenda of Lyndon Johnson, and were able to get Chief Justice Earl Warren, the man who would not let Ernesto Miranda go to jail because a police officer forgot to read him his rights, to be a willing part of the overall scheme, is simply idiotic.

That may come as a serious disappointment to the hard-core keepers of the JFK-As-Progressive myth, but since it has already been accepted by honest liberal scholars such as Richard Reeves, Thomas Reaves, Christopher Matthews, Ronald Steel, Stanley Karnow and to a lesser extent Arthur Schlesinger, then the prospects for the mythmakers one day receeding into obscurity can still be considered hopeful.
Restore man, one rifle, one dead president