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    Beware of ROI, ROI-NA, ABS, GPS, IPA, roi-na.com

    Buyer beware: ROI, ROI-na, roi-na.com GPS, ABS are all names of the same consulting company. These fictitious names are designed to guise the fact that actually they are all of the same company, same unscrupulous management and employees. These companies are all but the continuation of a company called IPA which after many complaints and lawsuits saw its huge revenues decline and decided to change its name and open a new business to lure in unsuspected clients.
    The Original company, called IPA or International Profits Associates, tarnished its name by scamming business owners out of their money by tying them up to a signed contract and delivering very poor business advice. The Scam works in a way that leaves the business owner bind to a contract by purchasing a consulting team that will supposedly help him identify problems which have negative impact on profitability and turn those lost profits into earnings. However, all the business owner gets in return are boiler-plate reports, charts and graphs and sometimes advice which are next to worthless and most of the times impossible to implement (or are just wrong for the particular business).
    When The business owner realizes he just spent an enormous amount of money for the consulting, he/ she is left to be blamed for not using the advice given, not following the directions, being uncooperative, and not implementing and listening to the “consultants”. The business is left with a worthless report and a huge bill.
    Please do your homework. It takes few searches to realize who you are dealing with. (INC magazine wrote a long article on their business practices).
    I hope this helped,
    Concerned business owner.

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    Re: Beware of ROI, ROI-NA, ABS, GPS, IPA, roi-na.c

    The Business Owner is offered a Survey/Analysis of his business by a Senior Area Manager for a fee which is payable upon the satisfactory completion of the Analysis. At the conclusion of the Analysis the Owner is given the option to Hire SMS / GPS/ APS for ongoing consulting services . The owner is in complete control as far as hiring GPS /APS or SMS if he or she chooses to. The Client like any purchase of goods or services is responsible for all the expenses/ services rendered at the rate quoted by the Analyst for the Consulting Services.

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    Re: Beware of ROI, ROI-NA, ABS, GPS, IPA, roi-na.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robocop View Post
    Customers beware.....now they have changed their name one more time. The new name is Global Resources LLC. www.gr-us.com ....same tactics, same information, same scam.....

    Check out ExIPA.com

    It is a good spot to get together and talk about GR, IPA, GPS, ROI, ABS and all the other associated companies at 1250 Barclay Blvd.

    Pass it around !!!

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    Re: Beware of to, ROI-NA, ABS, GPS, IPA, roi-na.c

    The problem I had when I was contacted by Global Resources for employment was that I researched "Global Resources" and did not find anything negative to speak of. The company has a different company name for each step of the process - all of which are acronyms and I did not find this out until I was working on the road. The 6 day all expense paid class in Glenview Chicago covered "the 2 day client analysis"; it was educational and impressive BUT then the next day I was flown to a client who had no idea why I was there and I had to pay all my own expenses except airfare. This continued every day that week and again the following week. The $150 a day per diem is not paid for almost a month after starting employment (I haven't got my per diem check yet). I quit after I finally had a client that agreed to a 2 day survey which I completed and that the client was happy with and he wanted to sign up for several different consulting services but my supervisor instructed me to leave because the client "did not make enough revenue to mess with" even though he had means to pay for the triple digit services. For 2 weeks I was yelled at for "not getting the big sale" of consulting services from the client when all along I thought I was there to provide analysis services to a client that had made an appointment to have a survey done. I quit because I will not be a part of something so deceiving and unethical. I thought we were there to teach the small business owner how to run his business more efficiently and profitable. I feel violated and ashamed of being a part of a process that I was not completely aware of. I quit the minute I figured it out and I was thousands of miles from home. This experience also cost me $1500 and 2 weeks of my time but most of all my dignity. They did pay to fly me home. I pray for all involved.

    Thank you ExIPA - your website has REAL complaints & I wished I had found it before I got screwed. Please use the key word phrase "Global Resources" as much as you can.
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    Re: Beware of ROI, ROI-NA, ABS, GPS, IPA, roi-na.c

    Rebuttle to Quickbizplans' rebuttle

    The "Business Owner's Survey/Analysis" is NOT always "payable upon the satisfactory completion of the Analysis" even though it states this on the request form that the client signs because on one of my assignments my director told me (I should say yelled at me)" that it was my responsibility to collect the fee even if the client did not want a survey because it might get my foot in the door. In addition, one of my clients was most definitely NOT "given the option to Hire SMS / GPS/ APS for ongoing consulting services" thankfully. The analysts are constantly taught to NEVER let the "owner" be in "control" or we could loose the sale of consulting services. Analysts are only paid for a small commission of consulting work contracted for as a result of the analysis that they did on their own time completely unpaid by any of Global Resources' companies. I worked 2 weeks completely free. It is true that "The Client like any purchase of goods or services is responsible for all the expenses/ services rendered at the rate quoted by the Analyst for the Consulting Services" and they start at $24,500 usually getting told at the end of each service they they need additional services. So sad.

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    GPS is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    What this company does is travel the nation to prey on companies who have a weakness and exploit that weakness for their own profit. I've seen this happen while I was working for a company they were "supposed to help".

    It's very sad to see a company promise that you will see profits from the "work" they will be doing with your company, and then leach on to what ever money you have and run.

    GPS is looking for companies that are struggling financially but still have some capital left to suck dry. They draft up these ridiculous spreadsheets, that any decent software can do, and have their employees learn how to use them. But the thing is, the consultants really don't go over the employees in detail how these spreadsheets really work. They are not industry specific and leave you wondering how the hell they are useful for your company at all!

    What these consultants do, is go in a room and doctor generic spreadsheets that their company gives them that basically enters Your Company Name and items your company may need to function.

    Then they will have some meetings with the owners and give them brief accounting lessons to make them feel like they really are working for their money.

    Then, within a week or two, they fly off and you just lost thousands upon thousands of dollars from your companies capital.

    Paying and out-of-town consulting firm a large sum of your hard earned money should be researched. Please don't fall a victim to this company.

    Here is the link to the website of the company, GPS USA, INC.

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    Re: Beware of ROI, ROI-NA, ABS, GPS, IPA, roi-na.c

    Please PM if you have had any similar experiences with this company. I'd like to get an idea on how many people have been affected by this company.

    Remember. It doesn't just affect the company that is getting swindled, but also the people who are working for that company and their families. If that company does no longer exist and has to file bankruptcy, it starts effecting their families and communities.

    This is larger than just a small scam. This is a company that is ruining others American Dream.

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