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    Is Bristish Petro A Scam?

    I have tried finding more information's about this company but nothing seems to pub up,there is a lot of things that doesn't seem right with me regarding this company.Is this company a Scam? and what makes you think so?.

    I am a Loan Broker and i intend to associate myself with them,i dont want to dent my image so i will appreciate if someone can give me more insight about this company.

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    Re: Is Bristish Petro A Scam?

    Do you mean the site http://www.britishpetro.com?

    If so, it is missing some very important parts, such as owner's name, owners' street address, owner's phone number, terms of use and privacy policy.

    From the who-is:
    Administrative Contact:
    Piran, Parviz Patrick imf@imfcapital.org
    Av. Balboa, Edif. Gaviota, 6C
    inetnum: 200.106.144/21
    status: allocated
    owner: Hosting Panama
    ownerid: PA-HOPA1-LACNIC
    responsible: Melquiades Cordoba
    address: WTC, 0832,
    address: 08322657 - Panama - PA
    country: PA
    The site is hosted and registered in Panama. But where is this company registered to do business? In Panama? Or somewhere else? They don't say, do they? Do you know what the laws of Panama are in regards to loans and doing business with foreigners and how those laws might affect you where ever you are located? What would happen if a loan deal falls through? Are you able to fly to Panama to figure it all out? More information on that company and the people behind it might be needed in order to make an informed choice here.
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    Re: Is Bristish Petro A Scam?

    Thanks for the information's.The company has their headquarters in Vancouver Canada and i recently sent them one of my client project through Fedex and it was delivered.

    I will be looking towards what happens and keep everyone informed,most of their affiliated Brokers use the same company website with just minor changes which is why they have several contacts.

    I am not endorsing them still investigating to see the legitimacy of this company,i will keep everyone informed.

    Thanks for all your comments.


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