Eduardo Soto Calvo a 56 year old Colombian citizen doing business in ********, Spain and Portugal was arrested by Interpol in 1997 and extradited to the USA for wire fraud and racketeering, sells image Spanish billionaire, said to beTrade Financial, send contracts JVA on behalf of different companies: SIGNUM GROUP, ROCK CORPORATE VENTURES LLC .Represented by LUIS FILIPE PIEDADE SANTOS PINHEIRO Passport Number J402820 issued in Portugal, PROMIDARIK FINANCES SERVICES SL., Justin Stengel, CORONADO SERVICES.
Name of partner also involved in this scam: Antopnio Chamorro. A spanish citizen. Adidditonally, name of the so called compliance officer: Ali Yawar
These individuals charge an up front fee of $7,000 to put together the paperwork required to be able to get in into an investement program. There is no investment program available and they will never returned the money.