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    Online coupon scam links from savings.com

    I googled "Merrell discount coupons". I selected the first option, www.savings.com, which directed me to a coupon, which said that my coupon had been activated at shoes.com and would be applied at checkout. At the shoes.com website, before completing the billing info, I called the help number (1-888-233-6743) to confirm the above, as it was not showing up as I completed my order. The rep denied any knowledge of the savings.com site, and stated that their site never gives discounts on Merrell products, and that this disclosure is stated (in the small print) on their site. Whom is scamming whom? It seems to me that both shoes.com and Merrill benefit.

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    Re: Online coupon scam links from savings.com

    My name is Meghan, I’m the Head of Communications at Savings.com. I came across your post and wanted to reach out and apologize for any confusion. We pride ourselves on providing not only the best deals, but also a great customer experience.

    This specific deal is a sale alert that lets you know you can find discounted prices already marked on the store's website. Once you click on the "Activate Coupon" button on Savings.com, you'll be taken directly to the store's website where you can find the discounted prices listed.

    We are proud to say we’ve been partners with shoes.com for many years now and have a great relationship with the team there. The customer service rep you spoke with must not have been aware.

    Once again I am sorry for any inconvenience. I hope I have clarified the situation, if not feel free to contact me.

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