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    Online coupon scam links from savings.com

    I googled "Merrell discount coupons". I selected the first option, www.savings.com, which directed me to a coupon, which said (as copied below) that my coupon had been activated at shoes.com and would be applied at checkout. At the shoes.com website, before completing the billing info, I called the help number (1-888-233-6743) to confirm the above, as it was not showing up as I completed my order. The rep denied any knowledge of the savings.com site, and stated that their site never gives discounts on Merrell products, and that this disclosure is stated (in the small print) on their site. Whom is scamming whom? It seems to me that both shoes.com and Merrill benefit.


    Your coupon has been activated and the discount will be applied at checkout.

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    Re: Online coupon scam links from savings.com

    I have seen many coupons at 4chan.org/b and the stores do not honor them and instead turn you over to the police for some type of coupon fraud. I wouldn't try to use any coupons from that website when they show up. I have also seen some letters at stores saying coupon fraud and showing pictures of the ones that appear on 4chan.org/b site stating that if you see these coupons, call the fbi and the local police as they are illegal.

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    Re: Online coupon scam links from savings.com

    Yea, My local independent grocery store has 2 or 3 photocopies of fake coupons up at all times. My favorite was buy a Sara Lee cheesecake and a bag of Idaho potatoes, get $10.00 off a beef loin priced 50.00 or more.

    There was 1 floating around for $5.00 off anything at Staples. Guess the local store took it for a few days. Wish I got in on that one.

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