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Thread: Bird Flu Scam

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    Bird Flu Scam

    There was a small blurb on CNN a couple of months ago that brought the "Bird Flu" scare to light. After the report was issued, it never appeared again, nor was it picked up by any other news channel.

    Did you ever wonder why there was such a big deal made about Bird Flu? The bird flu began in Vietnam 9 years ago. This disease has killed only 100 people WORLDWIDE total? Why the big scare for a disease that usually only effects fowls, and rarely is passed on to humans?

    TAMIFLU barely alleviates some symptoms of the common flu, let alone stops a full blown case? In addition, the scientific community questions the efficiancy of the antivirus.

    ROCHE LABORATORIES markets Tamiflu.

    GILEAD SCIENCES INC. bought the patent for TAMIFLU from ROCHE LABORATORIES in 1996? At that time, DONALD RUMSFELD, current Secretary of Defense, was the president of Gilead Sciences. He is still a major shareholder.

    The base of TAMIFLU is crushed aniseed. ROCHE controls 90% of the world's production.

    Sales of TAMIFLU were over $254 million in 2004 and more than $1000 million in 2005.

    Putting two and two together, Rumsfield is making a fortune of a pandemic that doesn't exist. Another example of our administration putting fear into us in order to make themselves rich.

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    Re: Bird Flu Scam

    And who remembers Swine flu? The vaccine for Swine flu killed more people then the actual flu did!! And I recall No One died from Swine flu!!! :eek:

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    Re: Bird Flu Scam

    Could you post your source please, I would like to learn more about this.

    This is pretty sad. There are so many things that tie together (not just this issue) and the administration likes to scare the hell out of people and I know that Rumsfeld loves raking in the profits.

    Have you ever head of "conflict of interest?" In the legal world that means that an attorney cannot represent someone against a previous client or represent someone dealing with a company or issue that he has serious ties with. That should apply to the government. There should not be a president that has ties with oil, it is something we need, there should not be members of goverement that have ties with the medical profession, big businesses or voting machines. Make sure you read the thread about 20 facts about voting. Most of the voting machines tie to the republicans.

    Our leaders should not have any ties to these type of things that really affect our day to day life. These companies are known to screw people and do anything to up their profit. If they do they should be disqualified from office just like an attorney is banned from taking on such issues and disbarred when they do.

    You can't represent a group of people non biasely if it affects the amount of money in your pocket. Would you screw yourself moneywise, no, neither will they.

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    Re: Bird Flu Scam

    Hello, I have posted many articles about the Bird Flu at scam.com .,. I will tell you where you can find excellent information. This man Jon has interviewed a man who knows all about the chickens etc.,. Jon has written many articles on the bird flu hoax click on to http://www.nomorefakenews.com Scroll down to where is says searchable archives. You will have to search for this, go to 2005-10-10 then click on to 2005-10-13 This one says "Making Honest Judgments about Bird Flu, I had posted this article in the Conspiracy Zone... you can read over there and you can read many also at Gov scams. No one has ever died from bird flu, there are not any documents to prove this. Now people were sick, with upper respiratory problems and who knnows what else, so when a person died in these countries they had to MAKE IT LOOK REAL.... dont you know it is all about propaganda, a scare tactic! It's like the aids epedemic people in Africa are dying but not all from AIDS, if a person dies from anything in Africa they LIE and said it is from AIDS. Aids was a man made disease, it is documented online. To get rid of the gay population. Then you can read more on this website about the HOAX of the bird flu and Make sure you read the latest article that Jon wrote dated 2006-04-08, I think I put that one out on Gov scams . But you will see how corrupt the WHO world health organization is, the GOv of course and CDC and FDA. Sure RUM and BUSH and CHENEY and who knows who is have invested thousands into this TAMIFLU which is full of toxic poisons. Remember, they want to decrease the world's population, Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction. Full of toxic chemicals that do not belong in a human being nor do they belong in animals. What ever you do, do not take vaccines they are toxic to the system. and deadly. In 1918 they named a flu which was NOT a flu SPanish Flu 1918, recently the scientist were telling people that it was "bird flu". They the scientist are paid ALOT OF MONEY TO LIE... or else, we know how corrupt the gov is. So that was a lie, they just do not know about Eleanor McBean, she lived in that era ... her family did not want to take the vaccines , these vaccines were full of deadly viruses... the doctors were bored and had to do something... Put in a search for Eleanor McBean, she wrote some books 26 years ago about this 1918 and read how deadly vaccines are. As for the Swine Flu, many people became crippled from the vaccines. I hope this helps you.

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    Re: Bird Flu Scam

    Hello, Here is another very good website that you should read. " The bird flu hoax how one wicked nation can kill billions." Pertaining to the Bush Admin. You know how demonic and corrupt they are, here is the website, it is very long but you will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge here. http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/studies/birdflu.htm When the stupidity of the bird flu came out last year, I decided to do my research and I was right, it is a scare tactic, it is all about propaganda and the wild beasts that run this gov ... I hope this helps you.

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    Re: Bird Flu Scam

    Thanks for all the good research links. Kind of a toss-up situation that could be win or lose either way. How many people years ago actually contracted polio because they took the vaccine? But then how many who ended up in iron lung machines wish they had?

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