I recently received a call from Aerotek asking me if I would like to interview for a contract job the next day. I already have a permanent job but I am always contracting for the extra cash.

The next day, I arrived and found that I was part of a mass hiring of about two dozen people. We spent about two hours filling out paperwork and providing our drivers license and social security information and authorizing a background check.

I received a call from Aerotek one week later asking me if I wanted to start work the next day. I showed and went through the usual orientation and began working.

But getting paid for that work turned out to be a different story . . .

Aerotek corporate, located in Maryland, sends the checks to their various locations but will not allow their contract workers to pick up their checks. They mail the checks.

The checks are supposed to be mailed every Thursday but they claim that it can take up to ten days for the Post Office to deliver the checks across town.

The first day that I started working, I heard many grumbles from other Aerotek employee’s that they have not been paid properly so I decided to keep very detailed records.

Sure enough, the checks arrived very late (I still not have received all of them.) I noticed that the postmark on the envelope was from a Pitney Bowes machine and the number traces back to Aerotek. So, they run the postage on-site before they mail the checks.

The postmarks were many days later than when they were supposed to be mailed. When I confronted them, they first insisted that the Post Office made a mistake, that was until I pointed out that the postmark came from their own postage meter.

Also, all contractors are required to clock in and out electronically using a chip-card. Funny enough, entire days of work were never recorded in the computer and Aerotek would not pay for the time because there was no record of the time being worked.

After three weeks of this B.S., I stopped working with them because I don’t work for free.

This is happening to hundreds of contract workers at just one location! Aerotek claims to be the largest privately held staffing service. Are there thousands of people around the Country getting scammed the same way?