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    scam 5 star hotel vientiane Laos Don Chan Palace

    For your safety and advise!
    This is not a joke! Dirty Unhygienic Cockroach Scam 5 star hotel in Laos
    Don chan palace
    Don chan palace hotel situated Mekong river I hear about this hotel built construction completed short term in 9 month for Conference of the ASEAN countries and hotel building is 14 floors, well no safe for stay cause danger. This is not a joke the building will fall down anytime while you meeting in the hotel. i stay 2 day in don chan palace pay 5 star rate but get poor star service.
    The lobby look like rubbish hotel and the ceiling crack every way, no one can speak English and super poor service, in restaurant the food i order suck and a few cockroach run on my table, no one service staff in restaurant but when i enter to back house kitchen complaint which feel another world dirty dark, my god the floor wet smelly and dirty wow i see more cockroach in stand chillers and cooking place, 5 star hotel there call it???!! i never come again.......... cockroach.. 5 star hotel ? Dont believe u can check it out!
    Friends from Singaporean, British, American travel to Laos 29/9/10

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    Re: scam 5 star hotel vientiane Laos Don Chan Pala

    Funny there is a 5 star hotel certificate hang in the wall in hotel lobby and still selling the reputation by themselves but no serve by 5 star standard and allow [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']cockroach [/FONT]appear in front the guest ?? as i know 5 star hotel is maintain hygiene and sanitation all time and that is no excuse, ether that is scam hotel or low class hotel in 5 star international standard.
    we desire go to back house have a look because there is no body in the restaurant . I sure they dont happy to see us, still there is no body in restaurant standby by that time, anyway the food is suck and after we test.
    one more thing we heard the ceiling fall down while we sit in the lobby and we desire to go into conference meeting room we see big mass crack ceiling on the floor. that is vary danger while we meeting in the hotel , also at 1am -4am mid night there is noisy from disco music vary loud.i thought that is finish but at 6am morning there is other noisy from hotel contractor cut steel pipe loud and clear ...we complaint but still the same
    enough 5 star hotel????? Truly rubbish hotel!!!!scam hotel!

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