LIC housing loans, IDBI housing loans and DHFL housing loans .

I am R.Sridhar rao. I am working one of MNC Company and my brother name R.Srikanth Rao he is working with Real Traffic software solutions Pvt Ltd. We both are planed for Home construction. We constructed 50% completed. After that we planed for house loan from LIC Housing Ltd on Nizampet x Road Hyderabad. We applied through one of agent. The agent name is Mr. satyanarayana he is LIC agent sorry to tell this thing he donít know what documents need to apply the loan but he need 1% commission on loan amount. DO you know many days to process bank loan? He his taken minimum time that is 1 month. Then he has told that loan as restarted. Do you know what the reason is? Simple thing that brother combination. This thing even Mr. satyanarayana doesnít know? One more thing they are unit they will go with 3 most worst housing loans banks they only charge prosing fees they donít know which documents needs to apply loan. The two another banks are IDBI and DHFL housing loans worst banks. They run worst banks with process fees only.
After restarted my loan Mr. satyanarayana suggested one worst housing loan bank that is IDBI housing loan worst bank. One more vamp he is Mr. Suresh he employ on IDBI housing loan bank. Sorry to tell this thing he doesnít know how to check the documents also? How bad for IDBI bank (KPHB Branch) they dot have position to recruit some one good that have minimum knowledge to check documents. Mr. Suresh (9642223349) will refer one worst guy his name I Mr.V K Rao (9246962777) from DHFL housing loan worst bank. I applied on one week back but no response from V K rao (9246962777) I think DHFL bank (Banjara Hills Branch) has pay salary to sleep on banks.

My suggestion is please donít go with LIC housing ltd LIC housing ltd, IDBI worst bank and DHFL worst bank. Please donít apply and donít vast your time and moneyÖ..this banks only running with processing fess they will charge first thatís around Rs 3000.

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Srikanth: 9966875068