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    exclusiveattorneys.com -- what is it?

    Has anyone heard of exclusiveattorneys.com, a company that promises you will be one Page 1 of any Google search in your specific area of legal expertise.
    Has anyone signed on with them?

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    Re: exclusiveattorneys.com -- what is it?

    That site is missing some important parts such as owner's name, owner's phone number or email address.

    From the who-is:
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    Whomever is behind that site really doesn't want the lawyers using that site to know who they are, where they are really located or how to easily contact them. Now, why would someone not want lawyers to know all that information?

    From the 'privacy policy':
    ExclusiveAttorneys.com has the consent to share your information you provide using our Case Evaluation form with participating firms of our advertisement program.
    Spam, they send it.

    ExclusiveAttorneys.com has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any given time. Users of this website will be responsible for regulary reviewing this page for updates
    They will change whatever they want, whenever they want and you are suppose to read everything every time you visit and figure out how/if the changes affect you. And misspell the word "regularly".

    From the 'Terms & Conditions':
    ExclusiveAttorneys.com reserves the right to change these Terms And Conditions provisions at any time. Users of this website will be responsible for regularyly reviewing this page.
    Yet again they state that they will change whatever they want, whenever they want and you are suppose to read everything every time you visit and figure out how/if the changes affect you. And find another way to misspell the word "regularly".

    Attorneys or Firms listed on our website are solely an advertisement
    So, they are just a type of "yellow pages".

    From 'Contact Us' is just an email form, not even an email address, just a form to fill out.

    From 'News & Articles', the most recent news article is dated Oct 21, 2009. Nearly a year old, wonder why no lawyers affiliated with that site are posting there?

    From the bottom of the home page:
    Attorneys participating in our services pay a fee for practice areas and geographic rights to an exclusive membership.
    No mention of how much that fee is, how often it is suppose to be paid, what size that geographic area is or how many people reside in that area.

    @ Carios
    Did that site give you any specific names of lawyer's websites that you could google and find on page 1?
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    Re: exclusiveattorneys.com -- what is it?

    We need a 'legal scams' category.

    I just fired an attorney, Yaron Lutfak, of Houston, Texas. Don't hire him even for divorce or criminal defense because if he acted like this with my case, likely he's like this with all of them.

    Especially in the ones he collects up front fees or a retainer for, wow, I'd be scared he'd take the money and still sit on his hands. And then ask for more money for work he's not doing. This is a common problem with lawyers, believe it or not. Crooks!

    He was sitting on his hands and totally ignoring my personal injury case (no win no fee contigency case, so at least I didn't lose $$). When he took the case he talked a really good game, but I think he was chicken to actually go up against the people I wanted to sue for my injuries.

    Some lawyers are really tough and don't get intimidated about suing other lawyers or about suing anyone if the case is good. He wasn't one of them. He really caused me anguish and stress by his lies and inaction.

    He was very good at lying and scamming me to think he had sent a monetary demand letter to the people we were supposed to be suing for my injuries. He also lied about his intentions to file a lawsuit against them at the courthouse.

    He kept making excuses as to his non-performance and lying by saying he was 'in trial' and very busy(a favorite lie of loser lawyers to get you off their back when you start getting suspicious) and that he would file the lawsuit at the courthouse 'next week'.

    Well, next week turned into three weeks and still no lawsuit was filed. Never saw that demand letter either and doubt it'll be in the file he is sending back. When I asked him how much $$ he asked for in the letter, he lied again and said' right off the top of my head I don't remember'. Lies on top of other lies. How do these types of lawyers sleep at night, and what is the point of taking a case you have no intentions of pursuing? I don't get it.

    After SIX MONTHS of my file sitting there with no action of any kind from this jibbering idiot, I fired him. Many attorneys are incompetent, unethical liars. This guy also has a really odd speech impediment so I couldn't really picture him in the courtroom, LOL.

    I mean, how do you keep lying to a client and telling them you are performing in their case when you haven't lifted a finger?

    Today he promised yet again to fax me a copy of this imaginary monetary demand letter. It never arrived. I fired him and demanded my file back, and will report him to the Bar. I now have to get another lawyer and hope he's not a liar like this one.
    I just really now have a complete understanding of why people HATE LAWYERS!

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