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    Beware of Free Credit Score.com

    I signed up for my Fee credit score. They ask you for a legit credit card number and i gave it like a fool. Thinking they needed this to be able to give me my "free credit score". I was never able to access my numbers and on top of that when my Chase Visa came in there was a charge of 30.00.:zx11pissed: When i tried to call there was no way you could talk with anyone. I hung on the phone for one hour. What you could do was cancel your subscription. Mind you I didn't know i had a subscription. I believe that's the way they get you. There should be a law against things like this. Yes, I'm sure i'm not the first one to overlook some small print. I just had to get this off my chest. I feel like such a fool:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Beware of Free Credit Score.com

    Tu22, resolving this may be as easy as calling your credit card company and disputing the charge.

    I went through this when I applied online for a $50 discount coupon from a company from whom I purchased flowers for my wife. However, in the fine print of the discount paperwork was language that subscribed me to some service they were marketing for a monthly fee of about $35.

    I had no idea Iwas doing that, and the credit card company refunded my initial charge and put a "block" on future charges from that company. The reality is that they charge-back the payment to to the company; it's no cost to the credit card company itself.

    Bottom line: It took awhile until the process was completed, but all it took was one phone call from me.
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