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    Houston Biz Inc Guest

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

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    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    I LOVe this...

    www.igi-art.com ........ "Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found"

    (dead and buried at last!)

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    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    I'm an idiot who does't follow the rules.com
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    MoneyMaker1000 Guest

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

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    I'm an idiot who does't follow the rules.com
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    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    What's going on with the IGI case so far? It sure has been a while now, are they even done with finalizing the case and sending out the claim amount for the memebers and creditors? any input on this would be greatly appreciated. and Is there any way to contact the IGI office? or personals?

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    spammer banned

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    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    What's going on with the IGI case so far? It sure has been a while now, are they even done with finalizing the case and sending out the claim amount for the memebers and creditors? any input on this would be greatly appreciated. and Is there any way to contact the IGI office? or personals?
    IGI's owner and founder Stanley A. Leitner is convicted on all counts for his Megafud Ponzi Scheme. Could spend the rest of his life in prison when sentenced in April.

    FBI Report


    Argyle man convicted in $15 million investment scam

    Megafund rep hit with $9.4 million judgement


    LaRaza Loses
    Meanwhile, attorneys representing the IGI bankrupcty trustee have won their case against the spanish newspaper La Raza. More than 3 million dollars has been awarded. The lawyer will take approx 1.4 million. The rest, along with another 1 million in credit card money sitting in a Dallas bank will soon be paid out to those owed until the money runs out.

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    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    (Owner/ founder of MEGAFUND and International Galleries, Inc)

    More than 100 Victims Defrauded of Approximately $15 Million

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    Fort Worth, Tx

    ARW = Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Whatever happened to this thread?

    "I suggest you visit the Art Reach World Wide thread here on Scam.com:

    It's reference to history is located here:

    It would be highly informative to everyone involved reading the developments of ARW to know that the company did NOT just start up out of no-where in September 2010, but originally formed when IGI declared bankruptcy so many years ago...

    Since then, its been under a variety of names, including a company called "Beyond". Sky, do you know anything about "Beyond" and what they were selling and the connection that there may have been to other MLMs out there? Did Jennifer Calhoun had her hands in those as well.

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