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    midpenny auction site

    Hi, I am looking for a place that is honest, where I can have a little fun... Can anyone tell me whether midpenny.com is a scam or not....? So many of these sites are you know.

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    Re: midpenny auction site


    Midpenny.com is not a scam actually it is a great site. They ship fast and actually ship items. They have several hundreds of users but are still new.

    I have looked over everything about the site and they have given me no reason to believe they are a scam. I won sever gift cards along with several coins, silver was there not long ago. I hope they bring it back.

    They are good people. I have used several sites. I mean about 40 or more. I have watched them come and go. This one is by far my favorite. You should shoot them an email with your trust concern. They will reply very fast. They have EXTREEMLY good customer support. They are very nice.

    I think that they still have the promotion for 10% off bid packs.
    CODE: PENNYBURNERS If this dont work contact jon at [email protected] I am sure he will be glad to give you a coupon code.

    Anyway, always do your research before bidding on a site. This was exactly the right thing to do. Asking her at scams.com is a good way to get good answers. Just remember to check them out before you start bidding.

    Midpenny.com is probably the best of the medium penny auction companies. I am sure they are on their way to the top with the rest. Only a matter of time. Any bets on that?

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    Re: midpenny auction site

    Very new site, no mention of what shipping companies they use to send the item to the winning bidder.

    From the "Privacy Policy":
    We may also use thisinformation to send you emails with special promotions or newsletters with content that we think may be of interest to you.
    Spam, they send it.

    Disclosure to Operations and Maintenance Contractors
    Our operations and maintenance contractors sometimes have limited access to your Personal Information in the course of providing products or services to us. These contractors include vendors and suppliers that provide us with technology, services, and/or content related to better operation and maintenance of our Website.

    These contractors also may have access to your email address to send newsletters or special promotions to you on our behalf or to send emails to you for purposes such as conducting market research on our behalf. Access to your Personal Information by these contractors is limited to the information reasonably necessary in order for the contractor to perform its limited function for us.
    Spam, they let others send it to you.

    Emails to Us
    This Privacy Policy does not protect you when you send information, ideas, concepts or inventions to us by email, or to the various departments listed on the "Contact Us" link on our Website
    You email it, they use what you say whenever they want, however they want for as long as they want.

    From the "Terms":
    MidPenny reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice to You.
    And you are suppose to check back every time and try and figure out what changed and how it might affect you.

    From the "About" section:
    Our penny auction site was launched September 1, 2010 and has grown more than expected.
    That makes them extremely new.

    From the who-is:
    Updated Date: 16-sep-2010
    Creation Date: 18-aug-2010
    Expiration Date: 18-aug-2011

    Administrative Contact:
    Smith, Jonathan [email protected]
    2525 Fairfield Pike
    Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160
    United States
    (615) 753-5781
    Looks like hundreds of other penny auction sites, maybe you could win something, maybe not, as with all auctions, it is a gamble.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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    Re: midpenny auction site

    Good to know information!

    I still use them. They are good. They ship fast I do not get spammed emails. I signed up for the newsletter and get one maybe a week.

    They send regular promo codes to you to save you money. That is good.

    The last code I received was for 10% off all purchases for a week. Still has three days left. CODE: PENNYBURNERS

    You have to sign up to use it.

    Unlike swipebids or swipeauctions and other sites. They allow you to just be a member of the site. You are not forced to give any credit card info nor are you forced to buy bids to register. Sounds like they really care to me.

    I think that everyone that plays on penny auctions should give it a try.

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    Re: midpenny auction site

    I am a very new user too... I checked it out and joined. I like the way they treat you when you get a hold of the support desk. It cost me nothing to join. I know I have used many sites that I will never use again, because they use bots to raise the prices. I think that midpenny is honest.... Guess I will use it a while and see....ing1:

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