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    Homeopathic Remedies Treat Insomnia

    Homeopathic Remedies Treat Insomnia

    Insomnia plagues over a third of Americans, and is the most common sleep complaint. Insomnia means "no sleep" in Latin, and the condition is characterized by the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake refreshed. Homeopathy has numerous remedies that can be used to treat acute insomnia.

    Homeopathic Dosing
    For most acute diseases, homeopathic remedies can be taken in 6x, 6c, or 30c potencies. Most people have no aggravation from taking these small doses up to a few times a day. However for the ten percent of American who have chronic insomnia, the advice of a professional homeopath or medical professional is advised.

    Aconite napellus for Insomnia
    The homeopathic remedy Aconite napellus treats all types of nervous and panic disorders and is especially useful in insomnia caused by pain and fears. The remedy is useful for people who are woken from their sleep by anxiety, panic or fears. They can be very drowsy, after dinner and even while walking. Those needing this remedy can sleep walk. They can be found sleeping on their backs with hands over their heads, as sleeping on the sides aggravates them.

    Arsenicum album
    Arsenicum album is made from elemental arsenic. The person needing this remedy can be greatly fatigued but too restless to sleep. They are anxious about small things, and they wake unrefreshed. Those needing Arsenic wake frequently during the night and may have many dreams, for instance dreams of storms, fires, and darkness. They may experience a burning sensation under the skin.

    Belladonna is made from the Deadly Nightshade, a plant in the Solanaceae family. This remedy helps those who are very restless and are woken up by their nightmares. They may also experience jerking while sleeping. The Belladonna constitution is drowsy in the evenings with much yawning at this time. They may experience a pounding in the blood vessels of the head or be kept awake by hearing the blood pulsing in their head. Their dreams are anxious and vivid: of fires, robbers and assassins. They may wake with a headache, as well.

    Calcarea phosphorica
    Calcarea phosphorica is a mineral remedy that can be helpful to children who wake from growing pains in the legs. Any aches in the bones and joints that prevent sleep may be helped by this remedy, in both children and adults. Those needing this remedy have difficulty getting to sleep because of the pain and discomfort and then have difficulty waking from sleep. They can wake frequently during the night as well, and also dream of danger and fires.


    About the author

    Melanie Grimes is a writer, award-winning screenwriter, medical journal editor, and adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University. She also teaches homeopathy at the Seattle School of Homeopathy and the American Homeopathic Medical College.
    A trained homeopath, she is the editor of the homeopathic journal, Simillimum, and has edited alternative and integrative medical journals for 15 years. She has taught creative writing, founded the first Birkenstock store in the USA and authored medical textbooks.

    Her ebook on Natural Remedies for the Flu is available at:
    Follow her blog at


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    Re: Homeopathic Remedies Treat Insomnia

    It's really interesting cure, but I don't think that homeopathy is totally safe...Are there any alternatives?

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    Re: Homeopathic Remedies Treat Insomnia

    You're absolutely right, my friend! Homeopathy's proponents love to claim that homeopathic products are safe, gentle, and have no side effects. This idea is based on the fact that in most products, the "active ingredient" has been diluted so much that it can't cause direct harm. In fact, in properly prepared homeopathic products that are designated 12C (or 24X) or higher, no molecules of the original substance will be present. Unfortunately for patients, homeopathy can still harm in at least four ways: Direct Physical Harm, Indirect Physical Harm, Economic Harm, and of course harm in all to society. I would like to suggest using https://worldpharm365.com/product/te...-with-bitcoin/ this one instead. My doctor has recommended me this one.

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