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    Debt Elimination and the "No Money Lent" argument

    My dad is a financial advisor and helps people with mortgages and some five years ago he became a member of some group that claims to know secrets about banks and the federal reserve. This group claims that you can reclaim your paid debts and say that banks don't lend money, but "create" it. My dad is now claiming this to be truth and is now into debt elimination.

    I looked into this a little on google and it appears that these things could be scams. I asked my dad what proof does he have of what he says, and showed my something that was supposedly written by some lawyer who talks about the UCC and articles speaking of securitization.

    All this mumbo jumbo is confusing o.O

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    Re: Debt Elimination and the "No Money Lent" argum

    I doubt your dad is scamming anybody. Read Mary Croft's work on cash confiscation. Its a free pdf doc...google it. Im sure the authorities in the US are no diffferent to the ones here in the UK. Anything that jeopardises their control is labelled a scam.

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