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    Cosmic tourists or Real people

    Im sitting here wondering..

    all these comments and conspiracies.. waw... at a point I got myself going.
    Are we better to point our fingers, based on what some would call truth and others just conspiracy.
    Havent we learned that where we participate, we give energy - do we really want to give all that s..t energy (excuse me for my expression)!!??
    Do we really want to fight the evil with words and claiming "we know what you guys are doing"! or do we take action - guys?

    Hey - of course there is injustice and so many evil things going on - it is not new - it is the way it has always been - and believe me, we "chatters" have always been here as well...

    So the issue is not "what happens" rather, what do we do about "what happens"???

    It is simply not enough to keep talking, writing and reading all their s..t..

    We have to take action and make the change.
    And the only real way to change the system - is by changing ourselves.

    (not meant as on an intellectual level - that is too easy, everybody can change in their heads momentarily)..(that is why there are just as many dark ones, on the new age route, as on the nwo route)

    Changing to a point where we are;
    -no longer afraid - even if it means death..
    -no longer enemies with our fellowspirits (animals, all people, plants)..
    -no longer addicted from materialism..
    -no longer without empathy for all circumstances and people involved..
    -no longer agreeing to live without love for eachother..
    -no longer willing to accept that we are split because of religion (f..k religion)

    we should focus on the solution instead of confirming and reconfirming what is going on - I feel it is a little too much "honor" to give them.

    What if it was you, committing crimes, then one crime would be enough to get convicted. (even with a death penalty)

    The system is rotten - let it not be forgotten, by a new issue everyday..

    Stay together - love oneanother - be kind..


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    Re: Cosmic tourists or Real people


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    Re: Cosmic tourists or Real people

    123456789 10!

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    Re: Cosmic tourists or Real people

    hmm... 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...

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