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    Gadget City/Miracle Burn

    I done a offer back on feb 23rd at gadget city for HP Laptop and Miracle Burn never posted so i was going back and forth with them supposedly they sent request to miracle burn twice to request verification that I completed offer well guess what just called miracle burn at this number 800-515-1070
    and lady there say that gadgetcity never sent a request and that she was sending it now electronically to them and that it should post in a week and that they do thousands everyday. So who do you think the liar is miracle burn or gadget city?

    I hope gadget city doesn't try to screw me over since it's been so long but they did say that if the offer expired to call and they would put credit back on my account let's hope so!

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    Re: Gadget City/Miracle Burn

    trust me.. its gadget city.. i'm on my 11th week and i haven't seen my 60gb ipod.. i was due to receive it on my 8th!!
    Received Items
    Playstation 2 ($150 Check sent)
    Freeipod - Referral
    Blackberry 7290 (Paid $50-1 year contract)
    FreePSP –Referral !!
    Pollprizeusa - Free IMac G5 ($250 check)!
    MarketSurveyGroup - 42' Sony Plasma Monitor ($1000 CHECK!!)
    GadgetCity - Ipod Video 60GB (white Ew!, but FREE!) - $50 Gift Card

    In Progress
    InternetOpinionGroup - $1000 Visa Card (CERTS SENT!)

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    Re: Gadget City/Miracle Burn

    I've been waiting in the neighborhood of 1.5 months since having to apply for credit on Miracle Burn also.

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