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    war against human nature

    [QUOTE]The War on Drugs, Terence McKenna-style...
    excerpted from 'A Weekend With Terence McKenna' Feb. 1992

    Modern industrial civilization has very skillfully promoted certain drugs and suppressed others. A perfect example is caffeine. Caffeine -- I hate to tell you this -- caffeine is a fairly dangerous drug. It isn't dangerous in that a cup of coffee will kill you, but a lifestyle built around caffeine is going to -- you're not going to live to be a hundred years old, or even seventy, unless you are statistically in the improbably group. Why is caffeine not only tolerated but exalted? Because, boy, you can spin those widgets onto their winkles just endlessly without a thought on your mind. It is *the* perfect drug for modern industrial manufacturing. Why do you think caffeine, a dangerous, health destroying, destructive drug, that has to be brought from the ends of the earth, is enshrined in every labor contract in the Western world as a right? The coffee break -- if somebody tried to take away the coffee break, you know, the masses would rise in righteous fury and pull them down. We don't have a beer break. We don't have a pot break. I mean, if you suggested, 'Well, we don't want a coffee break. We want to be able to smoke a joint at eleven,' they would say, 'Well, you're just some kind of -- you're a social degenerate, a troublemaker, a mad dog, a criminal.' And yet, the cost health benefit of those two drugs, there's no comparison. Obviously, pot would be the better choice. The problem is, then you're going to be standing there dreaming, rather than spinning the widgets onto the nuts. (laughter)

    Coca leaves would be very good. I suspect in the near future we may see the legalization of coca as a sop to the mentality that wishes to see cocaine... Andy Weil, who's a good friend of mine -- we don't agree on everything, but -- a few years ago he had great enthusiasm for a coca chewing gum. And I never got on the bandwagon because I didn't see that we needed another high focus industrial stimulant on the market. But coca would be great, and certainly in the Amazon, if you're a padrone, you encourage your workers to chew coca. I mean, they're worthless without coca. Give them coca and put a machete in their hands and they will just flail for hours at the bush.

    Another example that's interesting, that shows how blinded and unaware we are of how drugs have shaped our society...We all know that slavery ended in the United States in the Civil War. And most people, if you question them, think that slavery existed before the Civil War in many places back into ancient times. This is not true at all. Slavery died in Western civilization with the collapse of the Roman empire. During the Dark Ages and the medieval period, if you owned a slave, you owned *one* slave. It was the equivalent of owning a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It was an index of immense wealth, and social status, and that slave would be a houseboy, or a cook or something like that, someone close in to you, taking care of you. It was inconceivable to use slave labor in the production of an agricultural product, until Europe acquired an insatiable desire for sugar.

    Now, let's think about sugar for a moment. Nobody needs sugar. You can go from birth to the grave without ever having a teaspoon full of white sugar. You will never miss it. Throughout the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages, sugar was a drug, a medicine. It was used to pack wounds, to keep wounds septic. And it was very expensive and there was very little of it. Nobody even knew where it came from. It was called cane honey, because they knew it came from some kind of jointed grass, but nobody had a clear picture of what sugar was.

    Well, when you extract sugar from sugar cane, it requires, in pre-modern technology, a temperature of about 130 degrees. You cannot -- free men will not work sugar. It's too unpleasant. You faint, you die from heat prostration. You have to take prisoners and you have to chain them to the sugar vats. And so, before the discovery of America, in the fifty years before the discovery of America, they began growing sugar cane in the east Atlantic islands, Madeira and the Canary Islands. And they brought Africans, and sold them into slavery specifically for sugar production.

    Now when we get American history, they tell you that slaves were used to produce cotton and tobacco. In fact, this is not quite the truth. They had to find things for slaves to do, because they brought so many slaves to the New World to work sugar, and they had so many children, that then they just expanded and said, 'Well, we've used slaves to work sugar, we might as well use them in cotton and tobacco production.' In 1800, every ounce of sugar entering England was being produced by slave labor of the most brutal and demeaning sort. And there was very little protest over this. It was just accepted. To this day, sugar cultivation in the third world is a kind of institutionalized slavery. Christian, you know, the Popes, the kinds of Europe, all of Christian civilization acquiesced in the bringing back of a practice that had been discredited during the fall of Rome, in order to supply the insatiable need for sugar. It was an addiction. It had no cultural defense whatsoever.

    These things (psychedelics) have another quality which we haven't talked too much about, which is, the psychedelics are the source of special information. And these hierarchies want to control the information. I mean, in other words, it's the pipeline to God problem. You know, the Protestant Reformation was a whole effort to overthrow the Papal claim that you couldn't just pray. You had to have theologians interpret scripture and dogma, and they would gently guide you toward the right understanding, but that you weren't supposed to have a direct relationship to spirit. You were supposed to leave that to experts.
    So I think that's another issue, that the psychedelics empower, with gnosis, true information. And every society is based on a lie of some sort. So having people going around the official lie and getting in touch with reality turns them into social dissidents. And you have to control that. I mean, that was exactly what happened in the 1960's. What happened was, too many people were getting stoned, and then checking out of the official canon of the culture. And people just said, you know, 'You can take that job and shove it.' And this was very alarming. Now every society can tolerate a certain amount of this. You always have people who just aren't playing the game. But what happening in the 1960's was that LSD entered the picture, and LSD is different from all other psychedelics in one tremendously important quality, and that is:

    A single skilled chemist, in a small apartment, with about $40,000 worth of equipment, in a single long weekend, can produce forty to sixty million hits of a drug. Forty to sixty *million* hits! This is a loaded gun at the head of society. Now I wrote a book on growing mushrooms, and years ago grew mushrooms quite a bit. And I can tell you, an absolutely dedicated mushroom grower, working his ass off for six months, can produce maybe four or five thousand hits of mushrooms. In other words, it's entirely a neighborhood phenomenon. It doesn't affect the dials that measure the fate of society. But you produce forty to sixty million hits of a drug, you have entered the realm of global politics. You now probably have more power -- you and your friends probably now have more power to affect the fate of the world than, let's say, the government of Switzerland. Well, no, not Switzerland, they have the banks. But -- the government of Finland, let's say. You have just shoved Finland out of the way and taken your place in the hierarchy. So no government would put up with that for a moment.


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    Re: war against human nature


    You see, the hidden issue, and it need not be hidden among us...the government always tries to paint itself as the mother hen, concerned about her errant chicks. And so, to keep you from crashing into other people on the freeway, to keep you from leaping out of buildings or committing society, we have to control these drugs. As a matter of fact, you know, this is absurd. More people die because of alcohol than all illegal drugs combined in a given year. The government is not your friend on this issue. The government is very concerned to control the mass mind. And marijuana -- my God, since the British Commission on Hemp, which was in 1889, I believe -- the British East India Company commissioned a study of hemp -- they have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars to find something, anything, you name it, wrong with cannabis. There is nothing wrong with cannabis. It is the most thoroughly tested, pawed over, and examined drug in human history. And they just come up with the lamest stuff. I mean, they tell you, you know, you're gonna have tits. Give me a break. They say, 'You won't be motivated in your job.' Like your job is supposed to be the (pinnacle) against which all things are to be measured.
    And I think people on our side of this question have been tremendously naive, because people just think, 'We just have to convince them that it's harmless.' *It ain't harmless.* It is a knife poised at the heart of dominator values. It would make the modern industrial assembly line, political loyalites, the macho image projection -- all of these little tricks that they're running are severely eroded by cannabis. And they will stop at nothing to eradicate it. Look at the budget of the DEA -- what are they doing? They're giving, 65% is dedicated to cannabis eradication. Heroin gets 20%, coke gets all the rest. It's demonstrably absurd the way the money is spent, unless you have a secret agenda of some sort. And if your agenda is to suppress the evolution of unwanted social attitudes in the American public, then you have to keep your eye on cannabis very very closely. The new guy who heads the War on Drugs, Martinez? This guy, I heard him on NPR this week, and his most passionate moment in the half hour interview was, he said, 'We have pushed the price of an ounce of cannabis past the price of an ounce of gold, and we're going to keep it that way.' Nothing about eradication, talk about keeping the price high. The fact that they refuse to tax it when they're starving for revenue shows that there must be a secret agenda. It doesn't make any kind of sense.

    read the rest of the article here

    Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship.

    Dr. Benjamin Rush

    A signer of the Declaration of Independence


    The Partnership for Drug Freedom in America supports the preservation and protection of the natural human right to freely choose our food, drink, spice, medicine, sacrament, fiber and other nourishments from the bountiful harvest of planet Earth.

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    Re: war against human nature

    By Carol Moore

    I believe that a prime motivation of those waging the current "war on drugs" is to discredit and destroy any" counterculture" before it becomes the dominant culture. Religious fundamentalists have not forgotten the religious upheavals of the 1960s when millions of young people, often after using marijuana and other psychedelics, reading Timothy Leary or Alan Watts, or listening to "psychedelic" music by the Beatles or the Jefferson Airplane, rejected Christianity and Judaism. Even ministers, priests, nuns and rabbis abandoned their callings! Consciousness, altered consciousness, and higher consciousness rather than obedience, duty, and sacrifice became the prime concern of the new spirituality.
    The response of Catholic, conservative and fundamentalist religious groups was to feverishly expand their efforts to enforce more fundamentalist views among their members and to gain greater political influence. While fundamentalists have lost many battles over abortion, prayer and pornography, they have found the government a willing ally in the "war on drugs". For just as drugs, the counterculture and "consciousness" undermine faith in hierarchical religious authority, so do they undermine faith in political authority.
    John Lennon's "IMAGINE", an anthem of the counter culture, asks us to imagine "no religion" and "no countries". Lennon, a drug use advocate, was murdered by a fundamentalist Christian, a former fan, who knew how subversive and powerful this message is. In 1990, on Lennon's 50th birthday radio stations worldwide played "IMAGINE" simultaneously to a billion people. All heard Yoko Ono say, "The dream we dream alone is just a dream, but the dream we dream together is reality." The message is that we are not subjects of an authoritarian god or even natural law, but that we consciously co-create reality. Implied is the possibility of a diversity of realities.
    Despite the crackdown on drug use, the belief that consciousness is not only the purpose, but perhaps even the very nature, of reality has spread through writings and practices of "new physics" aficionados, humanistic psychologists, and the new age, eastern religion, wiccan, and eco-spirituality movements. Their millions of advocates still lack a coherent and motivating philosophical synthesis or organizational focus. And while many of these individuals have used drugs, and still do, decriminalization of drugs is not yet a major focus of their thought or action.
    However, as the horrors of the drug war mount and the injustices spread to all of us, the uneasy feeling that there is some hidden agenda behind the "war on drugs" grows among more aware and conscious individuals. Some of these agendas are scapegoating drug users for larger ills, excuses for racial repression and expanding government power, an outlet for militarism, and the desire of tobacco and liquor producers to squash potential competition.
    However, a prime hidden agenda remains the suppression of an alternate religious view -- that consciousness is the nature and purpose of reality, that humans freely create their realities. Because psychoactive drugs are a means of quickly and effectively initiating individuals into this view they must be suppressed -- even if it means punishment, incarceration and death for hundreds of thousands of people. But such is the nature of all religious wars.

    Excerpts from INTOXICATION THE "FOURTH DRIVE" by Dr. Ronald K. Siegel. Article in the September/October 1990 HUMANIST magazine. (Later made into a book.)
    History shows that we have always used drugs. In every age, in every part of this planet, people have pursued intoxication with plant drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances...Almost every species of animal has engaged in the natural pursuit of intoxicants. This behavior has so much force and persistence that it functions like a drive, just like our drives of hunger, thirst and sex. This "fourth drive" is a natural part of biology, creating the irrepressible demand for drugs. In a sense, the war on drugs is a war against ourselves, a denial of our very nature...
    Legalization is a risky proposal that would cut the drug crime connection and reduce many social ills, yet it would invite more use and abuse...Making some dangerous drugs illegal while keeping others (like alcohol and cigarettes) legal is not the solution. Out-lawing drugs in order to solve drug problems is much like outlawing sex in order to win the war against AIDS.
    In order to solve the drug problem, we must recognize that intoxicants are medicines, treatments for the human condition. Then we must make them as safe and risk-free and, yes, as healthy as possible.
    Dream with me for a moment. What would be wrong if we had perfectly safe drugs? It mean drugs that delivered the same effects as our most popular ones but never caused dependency, disease, dysfunction, or death?... Such intoxicants are available right now that are far safer than the ones we currently use...We must begin by recognizing that there is a legitimate place in our society for intoxication.

    Excerpts from THE NATURAL MIND - An Investigation of Drugs and the Higher Consciousness by Dr. Andrew Weil, 1985.

    Human beings are born with a drive to experiment with ways of changing consciousness...The desire to alter consciousness periodically is an innate, normal drive analogous to hunger or the sexual drive...
    The root of the drug problem is the failure of our culture to provide for a basic human need. Once we recognize the importance and value of other states of consciousness, we can begin to teach people, particularly the young, how to satisfy their needs without drugs. The chief advantage of drugs is that they are quick and effective, producing desired results without requiring effort. Their chief disadvantage is that they fail us over time; used regularly and frequently, they do not maintain the experiences sought and, instead, limit our options and freedom...
    Altered states of consciousness...appear to be the ways to more effective and fuller use of the nervous system, to development of creative and intellectual faculties, and to attainment of certain kinds of thought that have been deemed exalted by all who have experienced them...(They) may even be a key factor in the present evolution of the human nervous system...To try to thwart (their) expression in individuals and society might be psychologically crippling for people and evolutionarily suicidal for the species.

    Excerpt from book FOOD OF THE GODS by Terence McKenna, 1992.

    The suppression of the natural human fascination with altered states of consciousness and the present perilous situation of all life on earth are intimately and causally connected. When we suppress access to shamanic ecstasy, we close off the refreshing waters of emotion that flow from having a deeply bonded, almost symbiotic relationship to the earth. As a consequence, the maladaptive social styles that encourage overpopulation, resource mismanagement, and environmental toxification develop and maintain themselves.

    The Lycaeum: Promoting altered states of consciousness.

    Timothy Leary is dead but his official home page lives on and he's still communicating anti-authoritarian wise and witdom!

    Robert Anton Wilson home page Leary's good friend and another famous anarchist student of consciousness is still with us and challenging our lazy minds...

    Terence McKenna ontological foundations of Shamanism, Ethnopharmacology of spiritual transformation, social criticism, new theories of the fractal dynamics of time.

    The "War on Drugs" is not a recent phenomenon. It is as old as institutionalized religion, and was present already in the 1st Century CE. Here is the Jesus railing against the prohibition of the use of the psychedelic mushroom Amanita muscaria:

    But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
    for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men:
    for ye neither go in yourselves,
    neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
    — Matt., 23:13
    The position of the "scribes and pharisees" is exactly like those of present-day anti-drug politicians: They prohibit but do not know what it is that they are prohibiting, except that it involves some material agent, whose possession they are able to criminalize. As regards the experiences (heavenly or otherwise) mediated by the changes in brain chemistry induced by psychedelic substances they are completely ignorant, yet they refuse to allow others to attain those states of mind.


    Recent News

    US Supreme Court Legalizes Ayahuasca Church

    The New Mexico Psilocybin Case

    Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2005

    Tony Blair and Caroline Flint Take Magic Mushrooms

    Alberto Gonzales Takes Ayahuasca

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    Re: war against human nature

    People have a right to get stoned. They have a right to think and explore their own minds. This is as intimate a part of their being as their sexuality. Any culture which mitigates that is clearly afraid of a full and fair and open dialogue about what reality is and what real human values ought to be. —Terence McKenna

    Merely forbidding natural substances and policing the population for compliance is an inadequate means of controlling potentially dangerous drugs in a free society.

    This policy is failing to protect both our rights and our safety. Since demand for consciousness altering substances is legitimate and will always exist, prohibition maintains a state of these substances being perpetually and completely out of control.

    We must regain control over these substances by ensuring the safety of children from drugs and respecting the rights of adults to choose from certified safe and pure commercial products and to freely grow their own plants of choice. We can do both!

    If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny. Thomas Jefferson

    D O C U M E N T S
    "A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded." —Abraham Lincoln

    No civilized nation makes war on its own citizens
    Drug War Truce with Peace Negotiations

    "Eventually the right to determine our own food and drug preferences will be seen as a natural consequence of human dignity, as long as it is done in a way that does not limit the rights of others." Terence McKenna

    Statements commonly attributed to God.
    Manna From Heaven
    — curious references to a spiritual food sent down from heaven by God

    Plan, Plant, Planet proposes that we adopt the plant as the organizational model for life in the twenty-first century, just as the computer of the late twentieth century, and the steam engine of the nineteenth century served as previous organizational models.

    The Illegal Search For Self-Awareness — How is it that the leaders of our society have seen fit to try to eliminate this one very important means of learning and self-discovery, this means which has been used, respected, and honored for thousands of years, in every human culture of which we have a record?

    Psychedelics and Religious Experience — The undoubted mystical and religious intent of most users of the psychedelics, even if some of these substances should be proved injurious to physical health, requires that their free and responsible use be exempt from legal restraint in any republic that maintains a constitutional separation of church and state.

    Liberty and the Pursuit of Forbidden Fruit — The desire to recreationally ingest psychoactive drugs is deeply rooted in our biological nature. The hunger to get high is as natural as the desire to eat, sleep, and procreate. This is why the War on Drugs in America is really a war against human nature.

    The Reunification of the Sacred and Natural — The relentless exploitation and destruction of the biosphere by the capitalist-industrial growth machine around the globe is rooted in a pathological domination complex of "civilized" humans toward the natural world. The revival of interest in animistic worldviews and in the shamanic practices of traditional peoples, including the intentional use of hallucinogenic sacraments, is among the hopeful signs that the split between the sacred and the natural can be healed again.

    Dischord: Strange Days — The social logic for the prohibition of drugs is not a public-health logic, but a truly religious logic, a logic of hatred towards the pleasure and experiences they bring or are said to bring. Drugs are really reproached with opening doors leading to artificial paradises.

    "At one point consciousness-altering devices like the microscope and telescope were criminalized for exactly the same reasons that psychedelic plants were banned in later years. They allow us to peer into bits and zones of Chaos."—Timothy Leary

    Dr. Andrew Weil talks about
    What No One Wants To Know About Marijuana

    This can be said about depressed people on antidepressants, anxiety people on their medication and impotent people on Viagra. What's the point of being "drug-free" if you can't enjoy life without drugs?

    Internationally, "the war on drugs" provides a cover for intervention. Domestically, it has little to do with drugs but a lot to do with distracting the population, increasing repression in the inner cities, and building support for the attack on civil liberties. —Noam Chomsky, "The war on (certain) drugs" in What Uncle Sam Really Wants

    The Painted Bird —A Perfect Symbol of the Scapegoat

    Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do
    The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country

    The Government's idea of how to help people who use drugs is to break into their homes and terrorize them with guns. They want to help them by forcing them to obey the established government religion which they say is based on science. Fredric Madeleine, The Drug Controversy and the Rise of Antichrist

    The Partnership's position on children and drugs.
    Keeping Kids Off Drugs: Alternatives to Waging War
    "Teenagers find illegal marijuana easier to obtain than legally regulated beer." Kendra E. Wright, Director, Family Watch

    Prohibition Never Ended—How the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution replaced one form of "intoxicating liquor" prohibition with another.

    Drug Use in Sports is Not Cheating—Drugs were considered acceptable food for athletes before the 1920s, which happens to be the decade of alcohol prohibition in the United States.

    People use the word "natural"... What is natural to me is these botanical species which interact directly with the nervous system. What I consider artificial is 4 years at Harvard, and the Bible, and Saint Patrick's cathedral, and the sunday school teachings.—Tim Leary

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    Re: war against human nature

    A U D I O
    "Let me understand what you're saying, a ton of cocaine was smuggled into The United States of America by the Venezuelan National Guard, in cooperation with the CIA?" Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes
    "That's exactly what appears to have happened."
    DEA Chief and Federal Judge Robert Bonner

    SHOCKING TESTIMONY: 25-year veteran federal law enforcement agent and court-certified expert witness Mike Levine mediates this presentation of contradictory testimony from CIA Inspector General Frederick R. Hitz1 and DEA Chief and Federal Judge Robert Bonner2 concerning U.S. Government involvement in drug trafficking.
    1testimony to Congress, and 2appearance on 60 Minutes
    download the smoking gun!

    Link: Evidence of 50 years of CIA drug trafficking into the United States

    "The issue that's highlighted by marijuana prohibition that particularly gets me angry is the hubris of outlawing a plant that is part of nature." Abrupt talks to Bob Fass

    Pacifica Network News commentary
    on an ironic New York Times pro-legalization article

    The U.S. government is waging an immoral and unconstitutional civil war on a vulnerable segment of its own population. Similar to the early days of German persecution of their Jewish population, goon squads are sent to terrorize communities where the demonized beliefs and practices are prevalent.

    "We are now living in the third generation since the ceremonial reemergence of hallucinogenic plants in global culture." Vegetalismo by Peter Lamborn Wilson

    Terence McKenna
    The transformation of culture through art is the proper understanding of what you can do with psychedelics besides blow your own mind.

    The reason psychedelics are so threatening in this society is because they immediately throw into high-relief the internal contradictions of the dominator style of doing business.

    Drug war newspeak refers to all illegal substances as "drugs", and all non-medical use as "abuse", and all who partake as "addicts". This conscious engineering of language parallels the Nazi generation of stereotypes to justify their crimes against humanity.

    Alan Watts
    To ask the police to go and look for people who have LSD or marijuana or heroin or opium or whatever, or who are living irregular sex lives, or who have a gambling joint, or a *****house, this is to ask the police to act as officers of the state in service of the church, uniformed ministers, and that's not their job.

    Richard Glen Boire
    Infinity Factory Interview [site]
    stream part one audio http://www.generalnegentropics.com/m...re_1-audio.ram

    stream part two audio http://www.generalnegentropics.com/m...re_2-audio.ram

    Humor is an effective weapon against lunacy

    Ronald and Nancy Reagan on drugs

    Bill Hicks imagines a positive drug story in the news


    "The contemporary World War on Drugs is nothing more nor less than the modern manifestation of the millennial struggle between state power and individual freedom; between the proselytizers of purely symbolic simulacra of religion - propagandists of what Blake called "pale religious letchery" - and the practitioners of the real thing - for religion is an experience, not merely a "social activity with mild ethical rules." This War on Drugs originally started as a War on Religious Experiences, and it is nothing new..." Jonathan Ott
    N E T W O R K R E S O U R C E S
    PDFA forum at deoxy.org

    The Alchemind Society is an international nonprofit association of people working in the public interest to protect the fundamental right to freedom of the mind.
    On Cognitive Liberty: I, II, III
    Against "Legalization" by Hakim Bey
    Journal of Cognitive Liberties online
    Schaffer Library of Drug Policy - contents
    Psychedelics and the Religious Experience
    Psychedelics: A First-Amendment Right
    Drug Use and the Rights of the Person
    Basic Facts About the War on Drugs
    Fallacies and Unstated Assumptions
    The Drug War and the Constitution
    Are The Drug Laws Constitutional?
    Why we should legalize drugs
    Drug wars: Menace to America
    The United Nations
    Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief Proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 36/55 of 25 November 1981
    The Lindesmith Center
    Public Letter to Kofi Annan Secretary General United Nations June 1, 1998 "We believe that the global war on drugs is now causing more harm than drug abuse itself." Signed by many prominent people from around the world.
    The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
    Can you imagine a cultural reintegration of the use of psychedelics and the states of mind they engender?
    Drug Reform Coordination Network
    Cops Against the Drug War
    Media Awareness Project
    Drug Policy Links
    Marijuana, official from 1850 to 1942 in the U.S. Pharmacopeia, were it legal today, would be approved for glaucoma, high blood pressure, migraine, anorexia, depression, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, spasticity disorders, chronic pain, AIDS wasting syndrome, asthma, motion sickness, depression, mood disorders, pruritis, menstrual cramps, the effects of cancer chemotherapy and epilepsy. This list, by the way, comes mostly from the official position paper of The American Public Health Association, written exclusively by experienced physicians. Fake Science

    Ethnic cleansing is a bit trickier in South Central Los Angeles than it is in South Central Europe. It is essential in a “democracy” to have people do it in a way that makes it look like they're "doing it" to themselves. You need a socially induced suicide. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    According to the U.N. Drug Control Program, the biggest heroin and cocaine trading institutions in the world are the Burmese, Pakistani, Mexican, Peruvian and Colombian militaries—all armed and trained by U.S. military intelligence—in the name of the anti-drug effort, of course. Funny how all that effort never has any strategic effect. Neocolonialism

    We firmly agree with Thomas Jefferson that a well informed public will almost invariably come to the right conclusion. You and I both know what the problem with that equation is. Let's consider some examples about how well—by design—you have NOT been informed: Why It Is Time To Decriminalize Drug Use

    In Drugs We Trust
    Why do Americans make war on some drugs and build fortunes on others?

    Psychedelics: The Anti Drug
    Anti-Entheogen People Have Dirty Minds
    What Prohibition Has Done to America
    Nature of the Prohibitionist Tyranny

    Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police reveals

    the racist nature of the war on some drugs.

    I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against
    every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Re: war against human nature

    Drugs like LSD should be illegal. Pot and shrooms, should be legal - they grow in abundance and are NATURAL. Cocain should stay illegal, it's highly addictive and it's cousin crack has never been known to make someones life better, but usually ruin it.

    We can't have a bunch of completely stoned out of control people running around, not because their expanding their mind, but because it is a menace and danger to society. However if they want to sit at home and smoke pot (which you dont' have to chemically change) after work, who gives a ****? As long as their not out on the road stoned, I could care less.

    And yes, alcohol can be very dangerous. I'm really surprised that it's not illegal versus marijuanna. It's got to be due to taxes. Think about it, it's a bit of a pain to make your own liquor and beer, so you will pay the extra taxes at the neighborhood liquor store just so you don't have to do it yourself. But if you are a pot smoker, you would be stupid not to grow it yourself. 1 seed could supply you with all the plants you'll ever need and the goverment knows that. Only your occasional pot smoker would bother going to the neighborhood store and paying what they want.

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    Re: war against human nature

    We can't have a bunch of completely stoned out of control people running around, not because their expanding their mind, but because it is a menace and danger to society.
    Best arguement against the Republican Party I've ever heard...

    "We were out around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold."
    Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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    Re: war against human nature

    One more comment on the legality of drugs...

    While I don't advocate using mushrooms (or any other drug that may cause you to see things), I don't understand how a fungus that grows under cow crap can be illegal. It is a naturally occuring phenomon, can't be stopped and isn't planted. How can a fungus be illegal? Same thing for a marijuanna plant. It's a plant that God put here, is not altered, etc. I'm not a pot smoker but it makes no sense how a plant and a fungus can be illegal. I could understand changing the chemical composition of the plant (like making crack from cocaine), but just growing it?

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    Re: war against human nature

    i saw the title to this thread and thought.......HOW TRUE!?hehe!!but i didn't actually expect it to be about drugs as a FOCAL POINT!?but then it does speak to the FACT that DRUGS are the FOCAL point of this WORLD NOW!?hehe!!and NOT to the BETTERMENT of us ALL!?and why is that so!?because drugs by themselves DO NOT CREATE consciousness!?but they do,if used properly,create the EXPERIENCE of consciousness!?(by suppressing or blocking unconsciousness!?)hehe!!and i say drugs when i refer to MIND ALTERING substances!?and all mind altering drugs are ADDICTIVE!?hehe!!and WHY!?because they offer a MENTAL state NOT FOUND in EVERYDAY LIFE AS WE EXPERIENCE IT!?and worse yet,create the feling of LOSS of a BETTER state in their(immediate) ABSENCE!?and like the ol story goes,no one likes a drunk unless THEY ARE drunk!?hehe!!so that is the CAUSE of the WAR!?and this NOT by the most effected but by the CONTROLERS/OVERSEERS of the MOST EFFECTED!?hehe!!for freedom of MIND is a DANGEROUS thing!?OR!! a mind TURNED LOOSE on DRUGS CAN BE!?so back to reality where time is MONEY and drugs can be a HONEY until they BOTH RUN OUT!?.....IT'S GOD OR GENERAL ZOD!?.....and pity(NO!?) the POOR fool who FINDS OUT(by accident!?)!?for who can drink the WATER of LIFE and LIVE!?for a drug may be a GOWN in disguise but the truth of the WEDDING by PROXIE is SOON forgotten!?and the outer darkness looms LARGE!?......was that over the TOP!?hehe!!just askin......
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    Re: war against human nature

    Quote Originally Posted by lexx
    i saw the title to this thread and thought.......HOW TRUE!?hehe!!but i didn't actually expect it to be about drugs as a FOCAL POINT!?but then it does speak to the FACT that DRUGS are the FOCAL point of this WORLD NOW!?hehe!!and NOT to the BETTERMENT of us ALL!?and why is that so!?because drugs by themselves DO NOT CREATE consciousness!?but they do,if used properly,create the EXPERIENCE of consciousness!?(by suppressing or blocking unconsciousness!?)hehe!!and i say drugs when i refer to MIND ALTERING substances!?and all mind altering drugs are ADDICTIVE!?hehe!!and WHY!?because they offer a MENTAL state NOT FOUND in EVERYDAY LIFE AS WE EXPERIENCE IT!?and worse yet,create the feling of LOSS of a BETTER state in their(immediate) ABSENCE!?and like the ol story goes,no one likes a drunk unless THEY ARE drunk!?hehe!!so that is the CAUSE of the WAR!?and this NOT by the most effected but by the CONTROLERS/OVERSEERS of the MOST EFFECTED!?hehe!!for freedom of MIND is a DANGEROUS thing!?OR!! a mind TURNED LOOSE on DRUGS CAN BE!?so back to reality where time is MONEY and drugs can be a HONEY until they BOTH RUN OUT!?.....IT'S GOD OR GENERAL ZOD!?.....and pity(NO!?) the POOR fool who FINDS OUT(by accident!?)!?for who can drink the WATER of LIFE and LIVE!?for a drug may be a GOWN in disguise but the truth of the WEDDING by PROXIE is SOON forgotten!?and the outer darkness looms LARGE!?......was that over the TOP!?hehe!!just askin......
    Nice post Lexx

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