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Thread: AOL scam letter

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    AOL scam letter

    here's a typical "give me your personal info" scam letter this time it's supposed to come from aol. it's just like the paypay/ebay scam letters. AOL users beware:

    Dear Member,

    Thank you for choosing America Online. Unfortunately there has been a
    problem processing your billing information for the month of May, 2006.

    Please review our billing requirements at KW: Billing. You will be able to
    update your billing information quickly and easily using our secure server
    web form. Please understand that without promptly updating your billing
    information, your America Online Internet service may be discontinued. To
    update your billing at this time, please visit our secure server web form by
    clicking the hyperlink below.

    America Online Billing Services.

    We appreciate your business and hope to keep you as a customer for life.
    America Online is so easy, no wonder it's number 1 !

    The AOL Billing Services Team

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    Re: AOL scam letter

    Yep, never ever respond to e-mails which may seem to come from your bank or payment processor.
    None of them are real.

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