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    Whispering wind Guest

    Media links




    More media


    Spaceships of the imagination

    Party pack

    Psychedelic Science by Bill Eagles

    Here is a link to a torrent containing Rick Strassman's book on DMT and a great documentary on ayahuasca and the Amazonian people by Dean Jeffreys. It's a little less than an hour long and quite informative


    Don Cristobal Solon

    Mckenna MP3 library






    Time & The I-Ching Quicktime movie (28 mins) featuring Terence Mckenna




    A Psychedelic journey with the acclaimed writer as contemporary
    shaman having the power to transform consciousness and society...


    Alan Moore (Writer, Artist and Performer) is the world’s most critically
    acclaimed and widely admired creator of comic books and graphic novels.

    In The Mindscape of Alan Moore, we see a portrait of the artist as
    contemporary shaman, someone with the power to transform
    consciousness by means of manipulating language, symbols
    and images.

    The film leads the audience through Moore’s world with the
    writer himself as guide, beginning with his childhood background,
    following the evolution of his career as he transformed the comics
    medium, through to his immersion in a magical worldview where
    science, spirituality and society are part of the same universe.

    Written & Directed by DeZ Vylenz
    80mins / 35mm / Shadowsnake Films
    Ayahuasca DMT Documentary movies, Mp3s, and other documents


    /.DS_Store 15 KiB
    /07 - Ayahuasca, Yage and Harmaline-3.jpg 46.04 KiB
    /2 Shamans Of The Amazon 2002 (T Mckenna Ayahuasca Dmt).mpg 521.14 MiB
    /Alex Grey - Ayahuasca Visitation(1).JPG 826.43 KiB
    /Ayahuasca - The Scientific Investigation Of Ayahuasca.doc 102 KiB
    /ayahuasca and creativity.pdf 173.19 KiB
    /Ayahuasca and it's Recipies Parts 1 & 2 digitally enhanced-Terence Mckenna.mp3 20.33 MiB
    /Ayahuasca Cookbook.doc 114.5 KiB
    /Ayahuasca Session-Amazon Indians.mp3 590.38 KiB
    /Ayahuasca(.La.Soga.del.Muerto.(J..del.Oso.y.J.J..B enitez).avi 110.72 MiB
    /Ayahuasca.pdf 146.22 KiB
    /Ayahuasca.Visions,.by.Shaman.Pablo.Amaringo.pdf 3 MiB
    /BB psychedelic editorial-BBC.wma 1.78 MiB
    /Daime - Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony.mp3 3.33 MiB
    /dna.jpg 290.06 KiB
    /entheogen.mov 11.37 MiB
    /Entheogenic - 07 - Yage.mp3 10.82 MiB
    /First International Conference On Ayahuasca - Amsterdam 2002.pdf 151.99 KiB
    /implanted.mp3 29.3 MiB
    /Jardines de Dios - Documental sobre drogas naturales(cannabis,psilocybe,ayahuasca,peyote (Tvrip Canal Odisea)(por Pololo).avi 413.95 MiB
    /Joe Rogan Explains Life-BreuerUnleashed.com JoeRogan.net.mp3 7.76 MiB
    /logo1.gif 9.45 KiB
    /logo10.gif 22.33 KiB
    /logo15.gif 7.18 KiB
    /logo16.jpg 46.19 KiB
    /logo2.gif 10.5 KiB
    /logo4.jpg 180.88 KiB
    /logo6.gif 18.35 KiB
    /logo8.gif 14.62 KiB
    /Marlene_chamane_shipibo_chant_sacr饟ayahuasca.mpg 4.73 MiB
    /ne_acrescentar32.swf 396.19 KiB
    /novaerasemflo.swf 414.52 KiB
    /Occultisme - Ayahuasca - Santo Daime - Interview Compl败 Padrinho Alfredo.pdf 140.35 KiB
    /prayers.mp3 3.69 MiB
    /Psychopharm-Ayahuasca.mp3 7.32 MiB
    /StonedStraight2.mp3 14.06 MiB
    /Track 01-Shaman.mp3 4.82 MiB
    /Track 14-UDV.mp3 7.95 MiB
    /Uniao Do Vegetal-UDV.mp3 4.72 MiB
    /Uni㯠do vegetal-UDV.mp3 4.69 MiB
    /[Docu] Takiwasi l Ayahuasca le serpent et moi.mpg 548.03 MiB

    Daniel Pinchbeck discusses "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl


    PHP Code:
    Daniel Pinchbeck 
    1 48kbps mp3 file 1 51:25 RealMedia video file

    In this talk from the 2004 Burning Man festivalDaniel discusses his personal experiences and revelational changes in his worldview brought on by his research and deepening interest in shamanismthat are detailed in his new bookThe Return of QuetzalcoatlHis travels ultimately led him to directly experience the sacred plants/fungi of different tribes around the worldIn this intimate talk he also reads the passage from his new book that was received by him as a spiritual transmission under the influence of the shamanic brew ayahuascain the Amazon

    This mp3 is part of the Palenque Norte series of lectures from the Burning Man festivals that are archived on Matrix Masters: [url]http://www.matrixmasters.com/[/url] **

    videoAuthor Daniel Pinchbeck talks about his research into shamanic plantssynchronicity2012 and more during a casual presentation at the Museum of Psychoactive substances. (Pot TV apologizes for the poor audio on this piece).

    This video is part of the Entheogens 101 series of streaming videos on Pot-TV ---> [url]http://www.pot.tv/[/url] <--- There are many other multimedia streams available there as .rm (RealMedia) streams or downloadable torrents related to politics & the War on Drugs and information on the many benefits of marijuana & entheogens ** 

    Daniel's homepage: [url]http://www.breakingopenthehead.com/[/url]

    2012 : The Return of Quetzalcoatl ** Publisher: Tarcher (May 4, 2006) ** 

    - Book description

    This literary and metaphysical epic unifies the cosmological phenomena of our time - from crop circles to quantum mechanics to the worldwide resurgence of shamanism - in support of the Mayan prophecy that the year 2012 portends an unprecedented global shift. 

    Cross Umberto Eco, Aldous Huxley, and Carlos Castaneda and you get the voice of Daniel Pinchbeck. And yet nothing quite prepares you for the lucidity, rationality, and informed audacity of this seeker, skeptic, and cartographer of hidden realms. 

    In tracing the meaning of the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, and the imminent transition from one world to another prophesied by the Hopi Indians of Arizona, Pinchbeck synthesizes indigenous cosmology, alien abductions, shamanic revivalism, crop circles, psychedelic visions, the current ecological crisis and the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse into a new vision for our time. The result is an unprecedented and riveting inquiry into where humanity is immediately headed - and its strange and startling congruence with the ideas of the mysterious civilization of the Classical Maya. 

    Throughout the 1990s, Pinchbeck had been a member of New York'
    s literary selectHe wrote for publications like ArtForumEsquire, and The New York Times MagazineCritics acclaimed his first bookBreaking Open the Head, as the most significant contribution to psychedelic literature since the work of Terence McKenna

    But the unexpected occurredPinchbeck found himself increasingly pulled into the shamanic and metaphysical realms he was reporting on as a journalist. As his mind opened to new and sometimes threatening experiencesdisparate threads and synchronicities made new senseHumanityevery sign suggestedfaces an imminent decision between greater self-potential and environmental ruinThe Mayan "birth date" of 2012 could herald the close of one way of existence and the beginning of anothersymbolized by the prophesied return of the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatlthe mysterious "Plumed Serpent" of ancient mythIn just the nick of timethe skeptical modern mind can reclaim the suppressed psychicintuitive, and mystical dimensions of being, and institute a new planetary cultureBut it is only - and by no means assuredly possible if we confront the environmental catastrophe staring us in the face

    Something is in the airmany, if not mostof us feel that real change - for good or ill is afootPinchbeck's journey - a metaphysical opus that takes the reader from the endangered rain forests of the Amazon, to the stone megaliths of the English plains, to the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada - tells the tale of a single man in whose trials we ultimately recognize our own secret thoughts and unease over modern life. And a redemptive vision of where we are heading. 

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: Media links

    check this one out. it is a very strange electronic cyber DMT like game called Tranquility. The visuals are very psychedelic.


    Wild Divine
    this is amazing! its a biofeed back video game based on the developement of spiritual and mental power development, deepak chopra is actualy in the bloody game itself as a guide, jean huston has helped to develope it!
    you have to check out the demo its amazing, i am just hopeing it will work with my lap top!

    the neat thing is that it just staggers the imagination as to the applications of this sort of thing, combine biofeed back with entheogens and psychic development and you could really have something there. not only that but this is a wonderfull way to turn on the world especialy kids and non beleivers in transpersonal phenomena to the whole mind body spirit connect and what can be done once one developes ones mind. this is amazing work!
    it makes me want to get involved in the development of this kind of technology!

    i wonder sometimes about the whats it called, the shuemans frequency? which occilates but it stays around the same hz, and is the same as our alpha/theta hz. i think that when we are matching our own brian frequency with that of the planet we are linked with the dream time the gaian mind.
    mariri do you remember that little page we had on yopo for awhile? a long time ago, his name was neil logan, he wrote this awesome paper on yopo, and he got into the varying hz of differrant brain waves and tryptamines. it was really interesting work. but i have lost contact with him. do you rememeber that paper?

    we need more good tools to help a broader group of people. i think the biofeed back games like this could help alot of folks, they need EEG stuff set up with it as well. i think that it really helps to have something show people that there is no mind body split.
    i think its perfect for kids! especialy when their neural networks are developeing. if a child learns to develope his or her mind like this during ealry neruological developement then during adolesance, it will create a much better functioning brain. i think there is probably no better developmental tool available for children.



    Make sure to watch the video!

    This game marks a massive revolution in gaming! perhaps even human consciousness!

    Will Wright, creator of the game (and also The Sims and Sim City!) said in this interview:


    "One of my goals for this whole thing has been to give somebody an awe-inspiring global view of reality, almost like a drug-induced epiphany with a computer."


    "...create your own species..."

    amazing next step. way to bring it all together.
    I could see myself playing it for a year, breaking down in tears and saying "my God ! What's it all for?"



    Its Finally here, the new Shpongle album
    I love the first two albums, i have had the most intense and beautiful dreams on them .

    Shpongle is back, with a new album, 'Nothing Lasts' a reference to Terence Mckenna and one of their many influences, the imitable audio pioneers, Simon Posford & Raja Ram remind us not only the about the impermenance of life but also how to rewrite the ambient agenda with yet more spell binding music from their outer cosmos that is 'Shpongle'. With sonic waves in a sea of synths, battalions of brazilian batucada beats, flamenco solo's, piano solo's, vocal soarings from Hari Om and trancey dubs this really is more music from the otherworld. A place of undefinable and indescribable beauty where all cultures collide, genres are rode over roughshot, and nothing is outlawed. For those that know them these will be sentiments they recognise and welcome as further evidence of Shongle's reputation. To those that don't, welcome to a new universe one with it's own language and musical map, a place of beauty and impermenance.

    Come on lets get Shpongled

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    Re: Media links

    Thanks for posting all these interesting links. There is a lot to absorb.
    For what you seek! - Shamanhut.com

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