We are a secular society that abides by reason, science, constitutionalism and humanism. Informally starting in 1998, we formally registered in 2002 in the wake of communal violence in Gandhiji’s Gujarat (India) as a Trust and Society.
“Towards a Society Civilized by Reason, Em*****ed by Compassion". In pursuit of this vision we adopted the mission to engage people in myriad em*****ing activities in the fields of education, livelihood and recreation: "Em*****ing the Impoverished through Rational Action. Together". Blending contemporary professionalism with conventional compassion, we work with complete transparency and accountability. Through decentralization we harness voluntary talent of everyday persons in various walks of life.
Holding Irrationality as the chief bane for all impoverishment, SPRAT engages diverse people towards promoting the supremacy of reason, understanding, inter-faith harmony and em*****ment through its on-going Programmes and ad-hoc, time-bound Projects
CARAVAN Multipurpose Em*****ment Centers networked across Gujarat, offer through in-house and outreach services, avenues for continuing and part-time formal and non-formal learning, micro-economic enterprises, cooperative self help groups - especially women’s - etc.
TALEEM offers across Gujarat’s slums basic literacy in Gujarati, English and Mathematics. MUSKAAN adventure parks built using recycled material promote appreciation of everyday science and healthy adventure. SAFAR supports smaller NGOs and individuals partnering for social cause. JAREEDA publishes thought provoking posters and pamphlets besides e-zines. MAJLIS organizes seminars and exhibitions while MAHAAZ conducts demonstrations and public rallies.
Some of India’s well-known achievers guide SPRAT. Its supporters include the Ford Foundation, ONGC, BSNL, Tata Chemicals, Governments of India, Gujarat and USA besides myriad individuals and private entities.
Overall SPRAT engages people in shared pursuits of learning, earning and recreating responsibly, promoting a fair, equitable and rational society.