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    Are there any legitimate ways to make money online

    I was wondering if theres anyone who knows if theres a way to make even a couple of measly bux online?...

    I don't want to know of any freaking scams as I've been wasted thousands of dollars of my hard earned money on ebook sites, google ad bullcrap, MLM, etc...

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    Re: Are there any legitimate ways to make money on

    Networking-can't live, work, earn an income without it...No matter what anybody says. Only people who don't want you to succeed will tell you that you can't do it.

    If you or anyone thinks they can make money without including others in your plans, you can't...If you have a product, you have to have people to sell it to. You have to buy from someone materials needed to make your product.

    If you are a writer, you may have to have an agent, an editor...somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody...And who did you get your computer, cd's, flashdrives, etc from and then somebody has to buy your books.

    Many farmers form a co-op which is nothing but a form of networking. Then they share in the profits. If there's not enough seed from the previous year's crop, seed has to be purchased from somebody, The produce has to be sold to somebody. There's middlemen from the dirt and seed up the retailer who gets it out to the publlic. Networking to make a living.

    Any business you go into will have a startup fee, overhead, unexpected expenses. Network marketing is the Same way.

    I've found a phenomenal program just started a few months ago allowing people to sell groceries from their home to be delivered by Southeastern Delivery unless the customer chooses to opt for a Walmart gift card. Check out my site...It's for REAL! www.mpbtoday.com/HildaP

    Check it out, call a lawyer or CPA and have them to find out what's wrong with it. If you find something wrong, then I need to know...With facts and not just because you think so. I believe you're like me, you will buy some groceries or a Walmart Gift Card and convince others to do the same. Be blessed!


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    Re: Are there any legitimate ways to make money on

    You must really do your due diligence. I have found that the fastest way to earn money is through a 2x2 follow me matrix. You don not make tiny commissions and you can make profits immediately.

    Some do not like a 2x2 follow me matrix,but I do.

    Best of luck.. and please.. due your due diligence before joining anything! :)

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