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    Global Internetworks/NSE

    Has anyone heard of this? They are supposed to put pictures on DVD's or something to that effect. Would appreciate feed back

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    Re: Global Internetworks/NSE

    Here is my thought on global internetworks, it doesn't make a lot of sense to use them. Think about it they are telling you about all of the precious moments you could share with your family, and all of the tear jerking life what have you's.

    Then in the same breath they turn around and say sell this to your family. If it was that moving of a situation use a powerpoint presentation just as they are doing and give your family the CD/DVD.

    I don't know very many people that would actually buy a CD/DVD of me transitioning from little guy to who I am now, outside of my family and I doubt seriously if they would buy it. This could be a positive for a family fund raiser maybe. I can't see a whole lot of profit in it. If you should hear of something different please put it out there. :o

    I'm open to all angles of approach when it comes to seeing the brighter side.


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    Re: Global Internetworks/NSE

    I found the idea interesting but not from a family fun point of view.
    Slide shows in emails to convey sales pitches?
    I do not know if this is a scam or not but it does make some business sense
    at least the use of technology, however, one must consider all the parts..
    Perhaps they have a means of compiling photos into slide show or compacting the images as part of their appeal or perhaps they make it easier
    to take digital photos and send them. I do not know. I never heard of NSE and it seems quite mysterious. Still at least they come out and say what they do. So many so called opportunities do not do that. I will give them credit for that while I will remain skeptical as to what they really provide in the way of a business opportunity. I have not seen too many slide show emails except on web sites but that may be changing

    Anyway I am most interested in getting a reply from the Global Internetworks people here directly.
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    Re: Global Internetworks/NSE

    Yes, I have heard of it. There's much more to just putting a movie on a cd. There are also ways you can make money through this company by you yourself becoming an online entrepeneur and running your own business.

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    Re: Global Internetworks/NSE

    As I am affliated with the company, allow me to pass off a website to you so that you can check it out for yourself. Go to www.TheBestTrend.com and enter access code 159728

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