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    Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE property

    Hi, This is my first post to this forum, but I like some of the interesting information i read being dialogued here. Well, what I'd like to know is if there is anyone out there who has invested in money with ted thomas and his tax lien program, if so has it been worthwhile to you and what ever good or bad info you can say about it, i'd really appreciate your input


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    Re: Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE property

    Read here. . He has all marking of scam artist and more.

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    Re: Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE property

    I happen to know Ted Thomas from the early 1990's. I know for a fact he is not a scammer. Interesting to see how quickly everything gets labelled scam in here.

    He is actually a very wealthy man, and he made his millions investing, and selling information. Selling information is not a scam in itself. The fact is, that only .5% of people who buy info or take a course act on it.

    I have looked at liens and tax deeds. It is a valid investment vehicle, and everything Ted says is true. The problem is, like anything else, this approach takes a lot of work, practice and research before you can make significant dollars. The other problem is the competition.

    because there is real money in this, there are others looking as well. There are only so many land titles to go around.

    I have spent over $100,000 on courses of various types, and some of these "gurus" are very good and have real information. The fact remains, that until you change what you do, and how you do it, you will keep on getting the results you've always gotten.

    The ultimate way to make money is to model someone who makes a lot of money right now. Obviously I cannot add any specifics about myself and how I make money on this thread...I am seeing one banned person after another!!! Take my message for what it is worth. Many of my friends are millionaires, and I am quickly becoming one too, and I started by simply investing and researching until I got good at it.

    Good luck and never ever give up...you can have it all.

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    Re: Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE propert

    I agree with whitetiger,

    Ted is a very smart man, who graduated from Harvard. Tax Liens & Deeds are a great avenue for a high ROI, however there is much work that needs to be done in researching the properties & liens.

    Purchasing the liens & deeds is easy. It's all of the research hours that the courses don't really touch upon.

    I worked for him for several years so I have first hand experience.

    Also the courses in my opinion are too over priced. $2,000 for 2 dvd's, 6 cd's, and a 200 page manual - come on....

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    Re: Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE propert


    if you can contact him and get him as your own personal mentor, he is a wealth of knowledge. He knows everything to do the right way, he justs makes the bulk of his money in marketing.


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    Re: Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE propert

    Pretty simple to Google and read the (less than rosy) reviews.

    Fascinating that every time we see someone ask about someone selling questionable investing advice a bunch of new members with names we've never seen before always pop up to say what a great guy he is, and how he goes to church twice a day, and that he gave up kicking kittens and puppies a long time ago.

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    Re: Ted Thomas/investing in tax lien on RE propert

    I wouldn't recommend him. I worked for him, he still owes me many thousands in reserve, and it can take 2-10 months to get a refund in some cases.... join reiclub.com / that's a great RE forum... http://SEOAmerica.us

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