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    Premium Buyers Club Reliability/Reputability and C

    Hello, I'm a new user to this forum.

    I've recently expressed curiosity in an organization by the name of 'Premium Buyers Club'. I'm aware that this is the sort of organization that ropes unsuspecting people (frequently supposed "prize winners") into becoming members. However, from what they've said, by my becoming a member, they would actually help me with finding a better mortgage arrangement. It is actually my mother's mortgage that is in question. It seems that she can become an additional member for a small additional fee, and she is sixty-four years of age. I believe that the 'primary' prospective members of this organization must be between the ages of twenty-seven and sixty-four or sixty-five, or something like that.

    Therefore, I would like to ask, is this company reliable? That is, would they follow through with the services they have alleged that they provide, i.e. competitive mortgage opportunities, and two vacations with only the taxes per person payable, etc? Or, would they just take my money and refuse to honour services and/or products they have mentioned?

    I'm also curious about some membership terms that they have mentioned, pertaining to cancellation. They have a sort of acknowledgement that says:
    "I understand that the terms of, and my obligations under the Membership Agreement, Assignment of Membership agreement, Promissory Note and Loan Agreement are legally binding on the Member(s). I acknowledge that nothing, other than what is stated in writing, has been represented to me as a material part of this transaction. I have been given copies of the aforementioned documents. I also fully understand the consumer protection act of 2002 stating the 10 day cooling off period."

    I've researched the protection act a little. My question is, if I signed such an acknowledgement, does the consumer protection act entitle me to cancel an agreed future payment, within ten days, if I want to cancel membership, if the agreed payment were within ten days of the agreement, and if I had already paid a deposit?

    Thank you very much, in advance, for all of your help. And nice to meet you!

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    Re: Premium Buyers Club Reliability/Reputability a

    Hi there,

    I was wondering how things worked out for you, were you able to access their services.

    My husband and I recently joined, and I have been searching the net for someone else to confirm whether or not they are legititmate or not.

    We did it yesterday and have already spoken to a lawyer about possible cancellation.

    Please let me know your experience with them, because I cannot find anyone else online that has anything to comment on about there services..

    Your insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Premium Buyers Club Reliability/Reputability a

    Hello watson07,

    I got a call from telemarketer of Premium Buyers Club to invitation a 90 minute presentation which we have able to get a prize. We thought that it was another scam. When we arrived at the presentation, we were quite surprised that it was not what we expected. Once the 90 minute presentation was over we went to gifting and pulled out a ticket and won a $1,000.00 furniture voucher.

    Thank you Premium Buyers Club

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