From a former(?) lefty, no less:

My favorite thing I saw at the Restoring Honor rally yesterday:
people brought trash bags and made sure the garbage was taken out as they left, so that the rally area was CLEAN after we all departed

This is the mess the Obama cult left behind on the National Mall on his Inauguration Day. The Leftists didn't think to cleanup after themselves. Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Today, I received an invitation to take a guided tour of the Marine Museum here in Washington, DC, given to me by two former Marines who are deeply involved in this institution. If you know me at all, you know this is like Santa showing up on Christmas Morning here at Buzzquarters with a large sausage-and-marshmallow After School Special pizza and a complete set of Buffy DVDs…all for me…the best treats ever.

As much as I wanted to go, I had to take a rain check because I want to get as much as I can written for you about what it was like attending Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, and I want to do it as timely as possible so you can share it with every American who wished they could have been there. I am honored that we at HillBuzz were able to be a part of this, and I feel a duty to report back to you all the things I know the state media won’t actually report.

So, I’m camped out in a Starbucks near the White House, writing today, instead of spending time with some Marines, learning about the history of the Corps, and taking that VIP private tour. If you ever doubted I love you, let this put an end to that. It’s a sacrifice I thought I had to make so that I could tell you all just how remarkable this rally was, and what I think it says about the character and true nature of all those who are part of the American Resistance to the Left.

As I work on the larger essay on what it was like to be on the ground for the Restoring Honor rally, I keep coming back to what’s the most awesome thing I saw yesterday: and it was the simple fact that scores of rally attendees brought GARBAGE BAGS with them, along with all their coolers and bags of goodies, so that they could not only make sure they took out all the trash they created that day, but also had EXTRA garbage bags to make sure that NO ONE AROUND THEM made a mess, either.

This, of course, is in stark contrast to the way Obama supporters left the National Mall after his Inauguration, where they turned the Capital into the set of a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-styled, WALL-E distopia. I will never in my life forget that image of the Obama cultist in a wheelchair, surrounded by mounds of trash, with tumble weeds of garbage, in a sea of refuse and chaos, with the Smithsonian Castle behind her in the distance. On his first day in office, his followers created an indelibly prescient image of what his presidency would be, and what it would do to this country. Obama’s supporters showed their true colors that day, with the filth they left behind them after they assembled to celebrate their Lightbringer.

They made such a mess that I’ve been told Washington was filthy for days after the Inauguration. So much was needed to clean up after the Obama cultists that the US Government still, to this day, has an appropriations code in its system for INAUGURATION 2009 expenses. This is a system that is updated regularly, with drop-down menu codes for all the things the federal bureacracy pays out every day. At the rally yesterday, I talked with some federal employees who say the cleanup after Obama’s followers was so Herculean, so labor-intensive, so MASSIVE of a mess that there are vendors STILL BEING PAID, to this day, for services rendered in the January 2009 cleanup.

That mess, as seen above, probably cost as much as what’s being spent in some states on the Obamaspill Gulf diaster.

So, I have to say that I cheered out loud yesterday when I saw the first rally attendee (first of MANY) bring out her garbage bags, and shout to all who could hear that she had extra in case they had trash too. I went up to this woman, thanked her for doing this, and she told me there was “no way in Hell I was going to allow a mess to be left behind, not like what Obama did to the mall after his Inauguration”.

So, evidently, I am not the only one who is still disgusted by how Democrats behaved on January 20th, 2009.

I also keep thinking about how Democrats behaved at the Denver Convention in 2008, where they threw away small American flags, in giant garbage bags. Remember that?

At the Republican Convention in Minneapolis, they collected the flags from attendees after they were done, and conservatives took those flags to cemetaries and decorated graves with them on Veterans’ Day. What Democrats saw as garbage, conservatives saw as a way to recylce stage props into something to honor our fallen troops.

I can’t possibly say this enough in a single lifetime, but I love every single person who wears, has ever worn, or will ever wear a service uniform with all of my heart. I am deeply shamed that every man, woman, and child in this country does not do something each and every day to show support for our troops…and immense gratitude for those who aren’t with us now, because they lost their lives standing between American freedom and the chaos and evil of the world.

It hurts my heart, and sickens me, that the party I belonged to for 32 years of my life has such little regard for our flag, such contempt for our military, and such complete and utter disregard for our public spaces, like our National Mall. It was an immense insult for the Democrat Party to throw those flags away in Denver, and an even bigger slap to the nation to trash the National Mall at Obama’s inauguration. I would say that I’m surprised Obama supporters didn’t defecate and urinate all over the mall that day too, but I have no evidence they DIDN’T in fact do that, and I’m not about to put it past these people.

In as loose a meaning of the word “people” as possible.

The fact people brought garbage bags with them to make sure we left the rally grounds pristine when we left speaks VOLUMES about the people backing the Tea Party, the American Resistance, Governor Palin, Glenn Beck, and the growing tsunami of renewed conservativism in this country than I could ever say here.

It was humbling, to me, that it didn’t occur to me to bring garbage bags too. I intended to make no mess, take all my trash with me, and not contribute to any mess that was there…but I was not aware enough to realize I, too, should have been prepared to help clean up as well.

That’s a life lesson, there. I, and you with me, need to be taking garbage bags to big events I attend. I need to not only enjoy the event, but do my part to clean up afterwards. I need to take that step, and take responsibility for what’s happening around me…and urge my fellow citizens to do the same thing.

We ALL need to provide leadership like this.

Even if it’s leadership as simply as providing garbage bags at moments that need it…times when you’re part of what’s standing between an Obama Inauguration-grade filth storm and keeping our public spaces as clean, pristine, and ordered as they deserve to be.

K. D.