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    Beware of Clear.com!

    PLEASE SEE: http://www.tzlegal.com/news-cases/clearwire/

    This summer, I took over a Clearwire contract from another unhappy customer (my old roommate). At the start, I was quoted a price of $40.00 a month (without a pre-scheduled increase) for 4G Wireless Internet Service by Clear.com.

    The original Clearwire equipment that I purchased didn't work properly, so Clear sent to me several different versions of the equipment - but none worked. Their 4G equipment could not get and hold a signal - continuous disconnects. I worked with Techs for hours. So after many calls, they finally sent me a (much slower) 3G/4G piece of equipment - And, I was told that my monthly service charge would go down to $25.00 per month since the 3G service would be much slower (and for all the trouble that I'd been through).

    A few days later, I find that my monthly service charge had been more than doubled to $55.00 per month. So I called CS and complained - and Clear.com (specifically a helpless supervisor named Sharon) begrudgingly lowered it to $40.00 temporarily, but said that it would rise again to $55.00 monthly in six months. And, if I didn't like it, too bad. I was welcome to take my business elsewhere. (!)

    I am still in shock. I did NOT agree to this contract! Clear.com did not provide the 4G Service OR the Price that they promised. ALL LIES! Before switching to Clear.com, I was paying much less per month with TimeWarner, and now I regret that I ever left. The deal I had with TimeWarner is no longer available.
    I feel that I have personally been victimized by a Bait-and-Switch SCAM by Clear.com. I also firmly believe that Clearwire has violated my rights as a consumer with Deceptive Trade Practices. And obviously, I am not alone in my complaints.
    DID YOU KNOW... About the national CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT that was filed against Clearwire? I didn’t.
    I guess I found out the hard way.

    If you are considering Clear.com / Clearwire… DON'T!

    BEWARE of CLEAR.com!

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    Re: Beware of Clear.com!

    I am another victim of Clear.

    I bought their month/month service in March. The clearpot router is incredibly unreliable, scorchingly hot and crash periodically.

    A few days ago I tried to cancel the service since my next billing cycle ($55/month) is about to start. After forced to jump through so many hoops to reach their account dept (at least 6 calls because there is always something missing from the information I provided), they told me not to cancel, but sell the clearpot on the *****slist.com and transfer the account to someone else, they will give me a $75 coupon for something. The woman from clear said that I should be able to sell it in a few hours because it's such a great service, so many subscribers want that box.

    To cut the long story short, no one wanted the box even if i gave it out free...I tried to cancel the service again, but their account dept closed on the last day of billing cycle. I am travelling in China...on the very next billing cycle day, only a few hours into it, actually, I called again to cancel they said they have charged me for the next month and can not revert the charge...and this is after I made earlier calls to their customer service dept, recorded the supervisor's name, and told him on the record to cancel my service!!!

    This company will not succeed as a business because it relies on scams and more scams...on deceptive practices just to get one more sucker like me to pay them one extra month.

    Stay away from clear.com service by all means, for your own good!

    Ji Zhang

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