I had been hearing a lot of infomercials about purchasing sight unseen, no money down properties for flipping, but I always experience bait-and-switch, cut-and-run. So, I asked these people what contract considerations apply to my county, and if the info was in the pubic domain. I said I was not interested in purchasing programs or a mortgage, that I was just asking, and it would really be useful to have my questions answered within a couple weeks.

My work ethic was repeatedly insulted as I was sold programs, again and again. I was told that I was asking for free money and couldn't hire attorneys for free. Then, I was accused of not being serious, because I clearly didn't have money.

After I had rudely referred them back to my original post several times, someone finally told me they could find out where I live from my IP address.

As a matter of fact, after lengthy discussions with more than one agent, I had recieved loan offers before my visit to this site, where people who were supposedly in the real estate business would apparently aswer questions.

I would have thought the loan agents would be rude, and the question answerers would be helpful... Nope.