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    United Vision Marketing Firm - Nono Pearson

    ***BEWARE*** Nono Pearson - President of United Vision Marketing Firm is a scam artist and a thief.

    Here is the scam artist's web site www.uvm-firm.com Nothing on this site is true! He is not connected with ANY of the companies listed under his Membership link! Also, the New York address that he claims to have his corporate office is NOT real either. If you contact the office directly they DO NOT know him or his company!

    Nono Pearson claims to have a marketing firm and promises positive results for his clients. This is NOT only a lie, he takes your money and does NOTHING!

    Nono claims to have corporate and entertainment industry connections and that he will create a professional Global Marketing Plan. This again is a total lie. He know no one and does NOTHING!

    I warn the entire online community to spread the word about this person and DO NOT do business with him.

    Currently he is being investigated by the NY State Attorney General's Office and the NY BBB Bureau for theft and deceit!

    Again, ***BEWARE***
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    Re: United Vision Marketing Firm - Nono Pearson

    We shall see who the truth is. You guys are really sick. You really want to do this? Come on be for real...lol

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    Re: United Vision Marketing Firm - Nono Pearson

    Please don't believe their lies. United Vision Marketing is a Legitimate company. Notice there is no company name who has made such a claim on United Vision Marketing Firm.

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