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    When does personal responsibility get personal for this Commander in Chief?

    When Does Personal Responsibility
    Get Personal With this Guy?

    Raconteur at Large
    Stephen P. Pizzo

    June 1, 2006

    Last week I was having coffee with a friend and wondered out loud, “What would it be like to just stop paying attention for a while,” I asked. "You know, just blow the news of the day off for a week, or month, or even a whole year. Then, when the time was up, look up and see how things went and where going."

    I tried, but I only lasted a week. Then I looked up and saw that during my short sabbatical;

    Afghanistan has become another Iraq:

    KAUBUL: A deadly traffic accident caused by a U.S. military convoy touched off anti-American rioting Monday that left at least five Afghans dead and scores injured in the capital Kabul - a city that was supposed to be the safest place in the country....The riots revealed a disturbing truth: At a time when the United States has enough trouble in Iraq, Afghanistan is increasingly beginning to resemble that war. (More)

    American soldiers in Iraq had gone berserk:

    HADITHA: Damaging fresh details have emerged of a massacre of Iraqi civilians by US forces in the western city of Haditha, which is rapidly becoming a domestic scandal in the United States on the scale of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse. (More)

    After promising troop reductions, more US troops were being sent to Iraq:

    WASHINGTON — U.S. military commanders are moving about 1,500 troops from a reserve force in Kuwait into the volatile Anbar province in western Iraq to help local authorities establish order there. "The United States stands ready to help the Iraqi democracy succeed," President Bush said yesterday...The troop movement, announced earlier by military commanders, comes as Iraqi officials continue to struggle to set up their government, amid new spikes in violence. (More)

    Ethnic cleansing had come all the rage in Iraq:

    BASRA, IRAQ: The proportion of Sunni Muslims in Basra has declined from 40% to 15%, after three years of forced immigration, said the chairman of a religious authority in Iraq. (More)

    BAGHDAD: Anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time has become a target. And that includes Iraqis who belong to the "wrong" ethnic or religious group for the area in which they have lived all their life. Ethnic cleansing is rife, as practiced in the disintegrating Yugoslavia. (More)

    Then I made the mistake of switching on CNN, and there was President Bush responding to a reporter's question about the Haditha massacre. “If the investigation shows there was wrong doing those responsible will be punished,” he said, with a shrug.

    It was at that moment that the following question popped into my mind:

    Just when do any of these messes become the personal responsibility of this Commander in Chief?

    For example, when will he accept personal responsibility for putting those young soldiers into that nerve-fraying, crazy-making, heads-they-win, tails-we-lose war? When does their Commander in Chief, who sent those boys there, take responsibility for thrusting those still maturing American kids, armed to the teeth, into that madhouse of nation? A made up nation where, even in the best of times people who were born there kill one another over centuries old religious spats? When does their Commander in Chief acknowlede that was a mistake? A deadly mistake.

    And when will this Commander in Chief accept responsibility for his arrogant refusal to listen to those who warned him that what has happened would happen if he sent Western troops to occupy a nation in the very heart of the Muslim empire. Was this Commander completely unfamiliar with Harold Lamb's classic book chronicling what happened the last time this was tried in mid 1100's, ( "The Crusades: The Flame of Islam?") Might he have at least considered curling up with this instructive account before sending other parent's kids to fight, be maimed for life or die in such a demonstrably fool's errand?

    When does this Commander in Chief fess up to the error he made when he refused to give a moment's consideration to warnings that Iraq could become another Vietnam. And instead sent young soldiers off to -- once again -- fight an enemy able to dissolve into dusty scenery, dress like civilians and where some of those civilians literally blow up in their faces, at the most inconspicuous times and in the most innocent of places?

    When does it become this Commander in Chief's fault that young soldiers snap? Is it when a National Guard unit, made up of accountants and carpetners, is on it's second deployment to Iraq? Or it's third? Or it's forth? Is it when a 19-year Marine, fresh out of ITR Camp Pendleton, sees his buddy's brains dripping off their Humvee's dashboard? Or is it when that young Marine turns to defend himself and all he can see the line of fire are dozens of cheering, stone throwing Iraqi civilians? Is that when it becomes the Commander in Chief's responsibility? After all, he promised that Marine he'd get a hero's welcome. He promised him roses. Instead his buddy is dead and folks he was sent to “liberate” appear grotesquely pleased about that.

    Then there's the little matter of Afghanistan... the only military invasion the Commander in Chief was given clear and unambiguous authority to wage in the wake of 9/11. When will he take personal responsibility for losing that war by performing the military equivalent of coitus interruptus? Allowing Osama and his minions time to escape, and regroup and to fight another day -- another year, another decade?

    There's lots more personal responsibly still awaiting recognition of ownership by this Commander in Chief; Abu Ghraib, New Orleans, the fact that the number of Americans that can't afford basic health insurance has swollen to one in six, (50 million,) during his watch, that the wealthy have gotten obscenely more so while the working poor work more for less and less. He has accepted ownership of none of that. The buck, it would seem, never stops on this President's desk.

    Well wait. That's not entirely ture. I noticed that, during Tony Blair's visit, President Bush did admit making a couple of mistakes. No, it wasn't for creating conditions that led to the torturing war prisoners, or for violating one of America's core founding principals by holding prisoners without charges for years, or for attacking another country without provocation, or spying on Americans without a warrant, or for being proven dead wrong on global warming, or that his energy policies have left us hostage to Middle Eastern oil.... .. or any of that.

    Instead he -- begudgingly, like a little kid forced to apologize to the class, he mubbled he was sorry -- sorry he had allowed some barrrom swagger to slip out in public. For taunting Islamic militants in Iraq to “bring it on,” -- which they did, and continue to. And for declaring bin Laden, “wanted dead or alive.” Four years later Osama is still "wanted" and still quite alive.

    Nevertheless, President George W. Bush, Commander in Chief, wanted us to know he's really sorry for shooting his mouth off like that.

    What about all the other stuff that's gone wrong on his watch? Well, he assures us his people are looking into all of it. And, if they discover any wrong doing, those responsible will be punished.

    Meanwhile, millions of people not responsible for any of this have, and will continue, paying a horrific price for this man's decisions. So many dead. So many wounded. So many living in fear. So much misery for so little gain.

    I have to believe that at some point in time, there will be a day of reconking. There must be. We owe it to those who have been lost and to our children and their children. Such things cannot be allowed to happen in America's name and go unpunished -- or else such things will surely happen again.


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    Re: When does personal responsibility get personal for this Commander in Chief?

    Passionate and true :(

    This Commander and Chief will never take responsibility for his actions, most don't and I think that he has set an example for every other to follow, "Even though they pay your salary and they are the people you lead and represent, you can do what you want, when you want and nothing will come of it. What do you have to loose?"

    His life I would imagine. I'm not advocating it, but with the scores of people who really hate him, I'm surprised someone has not assignated him.

    It seems to me that the U.S. is moving slowly towards a dictatorship and no matter if you're a democrat or a republican, America should listen up.

    Free speach will slowly slip away, the news is already being supressed (in my opinion)

    Things that are vitally important to us are being controlled by people with "finanical interest"

    If you're suspected of terrorism, you can be whisked away without a word, a lawyer, a reason or any of your family knowing why or where.

    Do you know what part of the definition of terrorists was in the original patriot act, anybody conviced of a felony, misdmeanor or infraction - infraction includes traffic ticket - that's most of America! Pair that with a disagreement with what the goverment does or what America stands for, you just became a terrosist, you, me and most of the members of this site.

    You can be spyed on at any moment.

    So some say that the last two points are necessary since we are in a time of terrosist. Well I say, what if you are causing a rucous, the goverment really needs you to shut your mouth, what makes you think you won't be whisked away? What if the government doesn't like your religion, your music, your sexuality, your children, your hair, your smell...whatever - you can be eliminated without explanation.

    Think about that...it won't happen now, it's a slow transition that will go through several presidency's but eventually these new laws are going to be used in the wrong way and by then you have given up your rights.

    I don't want to give up all my rights and neither should everybody else. That's what this country was founded on, if we do that then the terrorists got their way.

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    Re: When does personal responsibility get personal for this Commander in Chief?

    actually i heard him apologize the other day!?he said,"i'm sorry i said....BRING IT ON"!?hehe!!........what!!?..........it's a start!?.......aint it!?hehe!!

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