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    Is Honesty RX A SCAM?

    Is www.HRxCard.com a SCAM?

    They are slamming other companies and their competition telling distributors to target other like companies to find reps.

    All of the Rx Card Companies pay between .50 and .80 cents per-prescription claim. Some pay up to .35 cent in overrides. Some 2 levels and some 6.

    So how can one claim to be better?

    Just hype to GRAB the market share. Kind of like Juice Wars.

    All Rx Card companies claim to have a one time set up FEE. Between $59 to $110. Do the math.

    My investigation showed all of these Rx Card type companies have a pay once option.

    And most also have an upgrade option for a pay more make more monthly fee option.

    Here is what people don't get. If nobody has autoships how can you make money with these type of companies?

    Rx claims can take a couple of months to generate.

    Take advise from the MLM Detective:

    Do your home work before joining this company or any MLM company and investigate who is behind the ownership, where the corporation is allowed to do business, who the drug network is, the money behind the company, are they long term, and the leadership team experience.

    The bottom line is if you fail to do the proper activity in any company your checks will be very small no matter how well they pay.

    Or in the above companies case IF THEY EVEN PAY At all?

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    Re: Is Honesty RX A SCAM?

    most likely is

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    Re: Is Honesty RX A SCAM?

    Hello everybody,

    To answer the Question about Honesty Rx. They are NOT in the business to scam anybody. I have been with them since June of 2009. I can say one thing I get PAID every month. I was a victim of another Rx Card Company, but God sit’s HIGH and LOOK low. Honesty Rx allows you Audit your claims. They have a book policy for their Reps. They don’t have Auto ships in fact when I joined their company I didn’t have to pay any Fees! They started the 59.00 Fee Policy because people were just joining because it was FREE. So they decided to Charge a Fee to Detour people that wasn’t serious about the business. I believe in my heart that they really have some Honest MLM Companies out there; you just need to do a lot of research before investing your time and money! I swear some people try to turn something good into something bad! So when you investigate a company make sure you investigate them RIGHT!

    The Honesty Rx Card is accepted all over the U.S
    Who care’s who’s behind the money? At the end of the day I just want what’s due to me.
    In our last week marketing email we were informed that another Rx Card Company had offered to buy Honesty Rx out. I wanted to know for how much! Funny right? Of course they were turned down.
    In my research they have 2 other Rx card companies that are legit, however you only get .60 per scrip
    20 override. They are Free Rx Plus and U.S Drug Card.

    God Bless!
    Connie Bedford

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