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Thread: Au-Pair scam

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    Au-Pair scam

    Be aware of this message about Au-Pair in London!!!!

    Scam-Name: Barry Mills from London
    e-mail: barrymills93@yahoo.com

    Dear Aupair,

    We have decided to find an au pair because we need help looking after our child. We are looking for an au pair to be a big sister or brother to our child and to become another member of our family.

    We just closed our profile because we have found you and dont want any aupair to contact us again.

    My name is Mr Barry Mills and I am 43 years old, Am the Executive Chef Manager of Hotel De Casto London. My spouse Sarah is thirty three years old and

    works as a Nurse.

    We live in a four bedroom house in 41 Davies Street,London, M1K 5DA United Kingdom and have one son Clinton age 3 years old.Clinton likes to go to the parks once a week and we would like you to take him.

    We will require you to take care of Clinton for about 30hrs a week. You will have weekends free and we will pay you 500 per week pocket money which we will give to you every Friday.

    Our residence is very open and near the city and there are other au pairs close by. In the area there is one pub full of young people, a shop/post office and a hall where people get together to have parties. There is also a bus stop outside our house with direct access into the city centre.

    You will have your own bedroom and your own bathroom either live in or live out fully furnished , plus deskphone and computer system with internet.

    We do not have any pets and we do not smoke.

    We need an au pair to start with us soon and stay until at least 6 months or more. We will need you to drive our second car if you can and we shall arrange some driving lessons for you when you arrive. You may use this car for taking the children to school and for your private use.

    We are a fun young family looking for a kind hearted fun au pair to mix in with our family. Our family shall pay for all travel expenses okay hence If you are interested and would consider being our au pair please let me know as soon as you can so that I can make the necessary enquiries and get back to you.

    Do send your picture and resume.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr Barry

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    Re: Au-Pair scam

    Thanks for posting up that example of the 'fake job' type scam.

    The next emails would demand you contact some government person (the scammer using another fake name and free email address) and send cash via Western Union for visa, travel expenses, government background check, what ever made up reason the scammer thinks up.
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