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This is always the first step to learning.

That being said it's impossible to learn everything. Man is not God. Man is forced to rely on each other for knowledge and be able to live with the unknown.

Have on considered looking into the future???

Why would god create paridise and than allow it to be destroyed?

They know that you can never recreate or return to the past.

They know that we must move forward.

Isn't it equally plausible that god is still in the process of creating paradise and we are just tools to that end?

Couldn't you dream be of the future? Afterall you are finding more and more that through some mistaken knowledge you have wrongly associated many things.

Isn't it possible that your mind altered or misinterpreted the vision by subbing in the gaps with random bits of mistaken knowledge?
Those are interesting possibilities. I hadn't thought of the future with respect to Paradise. That's a very hopeful thought. I can't forget the particulars of my dream however. Prehistoric creatures trumpeting their pleasure in awe of God above them in a lush garden. That's why I've been interested in the Cambrian Explosion. However, the species back then don't fit with my dream. There were many sizable creatures, far larger than Cambrian species, resembling species of the Mesozoic Era. The species were sizable, like dinosaurs and large birds.