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    Home Solutions Center Is A Scam

    This company is run by some young dumb kids that are just trying to make a fast buck from the fears of those that are nearing foreclosure.
    They claim they are a "Document Processing Company" that can get your home refinanced and qualify for the Federal H.A.M.P. Program ( Which they know nothing about).
    They charge an upfront fee of $595 to do the "Processing" telling the customer to skip their motgage payment. BEWARE Kyle Massi and Paul run this out of Santa Ana/ Westminster, Ca

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    Re: Home Solutions Center Is A Scam

    As a representative for Home Solutions Center, I feel the need to clarify the situation.

    First, the complaint posted to this site is from a disgruntled employee who was recently terminated, not from a client of ours.

    In regards to the service that is preformed by HSC, we are a legal document preparation service:

    - Legal Document Preparation Services -

    Order Preparation Services and we will complete your form for you. Each form is reviewed by a legal professional and delivered to you in electronic format, or by regular mail, as you specify. Save hundreds of dollars in attorney fees.

    Forms with a completion services option include the following:
    Divorce - no children, with children, uncontested
    Copyright Services
    Incorporation Formation and Filing
    Business Plans, Permits, Applications Filing
    LLC Formation and Filing
    Name Change
    ***** of Attorney Forms
    Stock/ LLC Certificates - LLC, Business/Professional Corporation, Non-Profit Certificates completed. (Many attorneys use this service.)
    Trademark Registration
    Wills- Single, Married, Children, Guardian, Divorced, etc.

    Public Users: If you have a serious legal problem we suggest that you consult an attorney. HSC s does not provide legal advice. The products offered by HSC are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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    Re: Home Solutions Center Is A Scam

    aka Mortgage Lending Review


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    Re: Home Solutions Center Is A Scam

    The jig is up boys!!!!

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    Re: Home Solutions Center Is A Scam

    Scam Busters Are On To You

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    Re: Home Solutions Center Is A Scam

    Sounds like you are practicing law without a law license. some states, you can go to jail for 5 years for that

    and the lawyers that are working for you are in ethical violations for splitting fees with a non-lawyer

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