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    PPC + Data Entry Work. Scam? A Waste?

    Maybe some of you have the knowledge to clarify the following work-at-home business model and let us know if it is a scam or a genuine opportunity. I' referring to the $49.99/one-time type membership sites where you sign up to do PPC data entry.

    1. They state that you need to pay $.05 - $.10 cents on onine forms. So I assume you need to sign up with PPC search engines and then pay to advertise products that pay a commission. In essence you're advertising for the product owners using your own money and hoping that someone will buy them so you can make a commission?

    2. Members supposedly have invested $10-$40 a month to get a return on their investment? So you're not making money for entering data, you're making money "only" when a product sells and you earn an affiliate type commission, am I correct?

    Have you had any experience with this type of company? I'm assuming that the concept here is to invest your own money to promote ebooks and such in order to collect commissions when and if those products sell and that they provide you with a list of PPC search engines to advertise in?

    If you make no sales, you waste you advertising money. If you're broke to begin with, wouldn't this just make your situation worse? I realize they always hype up your earnings, potential, etc. after all, it seems that the money is being made on the sale of "access to the database" memberships.

    I've ruled out survey companies, especially the ones that say that you will be entered into a drawing to win money. What kind of crap is that? A drawing?
    Might as well play the lottery or slot machines.

    I'd like to read your comments.


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    Re: PPC + Data Entry Work. Scam? A Waste?

    You've got the whole data entry deal down pat... that is exactly how it works. If you are willing to invest in the advertising and take the risks and the time to learn about keywords it may be worth it to you.
    As for the surveys.. they are not worthless at all. It sounds like you haven't taken the time to understand how they work. There are legitimate survey sites and scam survey sites. (I have a list of the legitimate ones on my website for free, you can access it through my profile). You will never make a full time income taking surveys but I know lots of people who are making a few hundred a month regularly. Most all of the survey companies will send you survey offers that will enter you into a contest. Those initial offers are the "screeners". Once you take the screener you will find out if you qualify for the actual study. If you don't take the screeners you will never have the opportunity to get into the study which is where you make the money and get into the product trials. Sometimes you will only get the product for being in the study, sometimes you will get the product and money. That's part of how they work and there is more to it but I don't want to turn this into a long response.


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    Re: PPC + Data Entry Work. Scam? A Waste?

    Quote Originally Posted by click1888 View Post
    Deleted upon request

    Hey Al

    Great post i tried to look at your signiture link on the traffic plan program you mentioned however i could not sign up you have a problem with awebber autoresponder.

    also connie if you could email that list to me i would apprecated it
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    Re: PPC + Data Entry Work. Scam? A Waste?

    i believe almost all of the data entry work at home are scams... i have been a victim once of a indian company

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