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    SCAM WARNING: CTS Marketing Corporation Denver


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    This company is a total joke! They are nothing more than a facade of a legitimate agency but with nobody behind the curtain. The were supposed to setup a social media "campaign" for me in order to increase my visibility online and after numerous calls and delays I was finally given the password to a Facebook and LinkedIn account. Upon investigating further I noticed they claim to be affiliated with C&A Marketing Corp. out of Chicago; however, after contacting C&A Marketing to inquire about CTS Marketing the lady who answered simply laughed and said "that is where the little brother goes to play office." She stated they were in no way affiliated with CTS Marketing and did not want their poor performance to reflect on their legitimate business. The only affiliation is that a former employee and family member of the owner at C&A runs the shoddy company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CTS MARKETING CORPORATION DENVER!

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    Re: SCAM WARNING: CTS Marketing Corporation Denver

    THIS IS A GREAT COMPANY ! ! ! I just read this scam and we are going to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT... I have used this company on several projects in the past and have only had a professional experience. My assumption is, this is probably a disgruntled employees last plea to be heard. I think it is important to offer a place for scams and reviews, but to allow certain people access to such a forum can be hurtful to any company. I praise and will continue to use CTS Marketing.

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