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    U1116322 (Mass Optins) ....is a scam Fake company'

    Hey every body
    i just want every body to know that this list of emails and company's below are scammer's please don't deal with them or send them LR or western union cuz they will collect you money and run...they are all fake...emails and name are...

    [email protected]
    u9193015 (zoeh)
    [email protected]
    u0042045 (C6H12O6)

    U1116322 (Mass Optins)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Mass Optins scam me $100 for buying email leads....phone number..+919624446234

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    Re: U1116322 (Mass Optins) ....is a scam Fake comp

    Scam hacker'[email protected]
    LR number... U7233252 ((¯`v´¯))

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    Re: U1116322 (Mass Optins) ....is a scam Fake comp

    [email protected] ...is a scam..with the LR u6423403 (novosibirsk)

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    Don Self: yes
    Don Self: lost connection again
    Bruce Reed: no am here
    Bruce Reed: trying to login my lr
    Don Self: ok
    Bruce Reed: is it ready?
    Don Self: yes
    Bruce Reed: ok lr?
    Don Self: u6423403
    Bruce Reed: how many day will the RDP last
    Don Self: 5weeks
    Bruce Reed:
    Transfer Confirmation
    From Account U2867487 (Taiwo David)
    To Account u6423403 (novosibirsk)
    Amount $15.00
    Fee $0.00
    Private Payment no
    Please be aware that all Liberty Reserve payments are instant and irreversible. Liberty Reserve is not associated directly or indirectly with any other company or business. Our liability is limited to delivering your funds on time to the account of your choice specified above. Any issues that you may encounter as a result of this transaction that are not related to the transaction itself will have to be addressed and resolved with the recipient of your payment directly. Please confirm your payment details ONLY if you UNDERSTAND and AGREE with statements made in this paragraph and ACCEPT our Terms Of Service.

    Don Self: yes
    Bruce Reed: don
    Don Self: ok
    Don Self: hold
    Bruce Reed:
    Transfer Successful

    Your transfer was successful!
    Date 9/7/2010 05:37
    Batch 44338929
    From U2867487 (Taiwo David)
    To u6423403 (novosibirsk)
    Amount $15.00

    Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve!
    Don Self: ok
    Don Self: wait
    Don Self: payment confirmed
    Bruce Reed: ok??
    Don Self: hold on
    Don Self: my dealer refuses to reduce price to 415
    Don Self: says you need to send $5 balance and get both
    Bruce Reed: i told you before i send it....
    Bruce Reed: so please dont play with me
    Bruce Reed: am here to deal
    Don Self: i told you earleir its $20
    Don Self: now i decided to see if he will agree
    Don Self: but he refused
    Don Self: send $5 balance now
    Don Self: get and we cotinue deal
    Bruce Reed: okay send my lr back then
    Bruce Reed: i dont have 5
    Don Self: contact me when you do
    Bruce Reed: okay thanks

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    Mass Optins


    Been a loyal customer with MassOptins. What is everyone complaining about ? Indians are great.

    I have tried their Database and Mass Senders. MassOptins seems to be the best of them all. I found them helpful, cooperative and always being there for you. I was sent all instructions promptly.

    Don't know what you all are complaining about. May be just your lack of understanding how IT stuff and softwares works.

    Thanks to you all.
    And Thanks Mike (MassOptins.net).

    Damian John
    London, UK

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