Anyone who purchases a Garry Vacuum has been scammed. The company operates with PO Boxes in CA, is an LLC in the state of Delaware, uses a third party to import and distribute the plastic Chinese junk they sell. I can find no information anywhere about the owner of this scam company. They sell the vacuums for $200 (not worth $20) with a lifetime warranty. Most all will fail within a year. The lifetime warranty is: We will send you a replacement unit for $50 to $90 shipping and you pay to send the broken one back. If you choose not to send the broken one back, they charge your credit card again for a new vacuum.
This so called company has over 125 complaints registered with the LA area BBB.
If you call for warranty service they will be extremely rude attempting to get you angry enough so you don't return the defective vacuum. Do not provide this scam company with any banking information, they will charge your account without your authorization.