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    Dirty Telemarketing Tactics

    Has nobody else gotten this? It seems a lot of mortgage places (or ones that claim to be mortgage places) are doing this. Basically, you'll get a telemarketing call from some place. When you answer your phone, the person on the other end will claim you have a mortgage with their company, even if you really don't.

    Maybe it's only confined to certain places, but at my house, we seem to get at least one call weekly from people trying to pull this trick on us.

    Anyone else gotten this?

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    Re: Dirty Telemarketing Tactics

    This is lead generation. Sometimes you'll get a call for let's say an non obligation quote from some insurance company, they want you to deal with them instead of the company that you are currently with, and even tell you that you are dealing with them, even when you're not. they will call you back once they've gotten your consent to a call back, thus creating leads for marketing companies. It's companies trying to steal each others prospects.

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    counting the days until

    The Lupron is another story. I am counting the days until my treatment is over. I run hot anyway and the Lupron-induced hot flashes keep me “moist” most of the time, to say the least. For me, one of the worst side-effects of the hormone therapy was EVE ISK the amazing speed at which my body lost muscle mass and gained fat.

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