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    medhunting.com/World Wide Data Entry/plimus.c

    Originally found on the "medhunting.com website. I have been trying to research this one to no avail. As stated "if they ask for money up front this is a scam" -- they are asking for training materials with a $50 rebate in the first email!
    Here's my 2nd email reply:

    You are aware that many companies and government Agencies are turning to online data storage from the previous paper form of storing data into filling cabinets. To make the information easily available to their clients they are converting to online databases.
    Our staffs is busy converting paper work into Word documents that will be sent to you to copy and paste data into an online database that will be provided to you .All work is delivered to your email address no selling no recruiting.
    Once you complete a single application, which takes between, 30 Min-1 hour you earn $50 instantly which will be sent to your online (paypal) account instantly.
    The more application you complete in a day the more you earn if you complete 10 Applications in a day you earn $50 x 10 = $500 in a day and send to your online account. In month you will be able to earn $500 x 30 = $15000. Remember you only earn when you work and this job has no limit of the money you can earn it all depends on you and your efforts.
    The cost of the training materials and processing fee is $90.00 paid once. To gain access to the training materials you can go https://www.plimus.com and then "Send Money", the fee
    You may pay by credit card, debit card, or E-check through these sites. If you send the payment by credit or debit card, you will receive your training materials immediately upon receipt of an email paypal showing payment has been made. Payment type: service
    Do not pay as Goods or other Payment Mode
    Do not enter anything in Subject or Message note: (Strictly not recommended) so that your email address can be entered into our systems automatically.
    If payment is made with an E-check, the information will be sent when the check clears (usually takes 3-4 business days). When you read through the training materials, you will be able to START working within 24 hours.
    After we have received your $90.00 training/processing fee, we will email your training materials so you can get started straight away.
    You will receive your training materials and login credentials within 24 hours of registration. Please be sure to provide a valid email address so that you can receive your login name & password without delay.
    The fee is only refunded on 60th day in case you do not like the job within 30 days, no refunds will be done before the said duration.

    We will be here via email to help you for as long as you might need us
    Ms Sharon Macphee
    Human Resources

    Scam, affliate program or legit?
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    Re: medhunting.com/World Wide Data Entry/plimus.c

    Looks like an affiliate program that they dress up and make sound wonderful.

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    Re: medhunting.com/World Wide Data Entry/plimus.c

    Check out this thread here at scam dot com:
    Look familiar?

    And here, scroll down:

    Found both those by googling the phrase "You are aware that many companies and government Agencies"

    This sentence from the email you posted:
    Our staffs is busy converting paper work into Word documents that will be sent to you to copy and paste data into an online database that will be provided to you
    For starters, it has poor grammar, not something a legit company should have let slip past the proofreader.

    Secondly, why take the time to scan everything into Word, then attach each page individually to an email address for someone else to cut-n-paste into some mysterious yet-to-be-named program. Sounds very time-consuming. Why not just scan everything into the correct program from the start?

    Thirdly, what protocols/programs are in place to keep all this data secure? What company is doing the scanning for what other companies? Where is all this scanning taking place? What companies are going to let some other company just wander off with sensitive customer data and hope that everything is kept secure?

    Are any of those other companies that are giving up all their paperwork ever named?

    Sound like hundreds of other "send us your cash and we will send instructions on how to make tons of money". In all seriousness, if doing what they are suppose to teach you is so easy, why aren't they doing it and making the thousands a month instead of just selling instructions for a few dollars?
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