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    Stay away from "Pitchathons" or get back your cash

    I am stunned by the fact that no one ever mentions, as a scam, those seminars that are pitchathons. These seminars charge money for you to be constantly sold over, and over, and over again using different sales pitches with very little content.

    Don't get me wrong. I do believe that folks are allowed and probably should offer some products at even the best content meetings. However, when more than 10% of the meeting is devoted to sales pitches, I am annoyed. When over 50% of the meeting is devoted to sales pitches, I want my money back.

    Even worse are the pitchathons that promote someone else's pitchathon.

    Next time you go to a seminar, ask yourself, how many of the speakers are promoting products or other seminars. If over 50% of the seminar is devoted to this, you were just scammed. My rule of thumb is that I am fine with sales presentations as long as they are not more than 1 hour out of every 8 hour program. If there aren't at least 7 hours of content for each day of the program, I want my money back.

    Don 't be a sucker. If you end up in one of these pitchathons, ask for your money back. Moreover, don't buy anything! The seminar promoter gets a whopping 50% of what is sold.

    Bottom Line: If you are sucker enough to like these types of events then you deserve to be fleeced.
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    Re: Stay away from "Pitchathons" or get back your

    I just attended another seminar. Although there were a few moments where nothing was sold, I got another parade of pitching speakers who were constantly hawking their products. This is a real problem that folks should avoid.

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