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Thread: Booty pills?

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    Booty pills?

    Has anyone had any problems with these pills to enhance the buttocks?

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    Re: Booty pills?

    You should try good old fashioned doughnuts. They've been "enhancing" buttocks for years with no problems, other than a giant rear end.

    Who's running this popcorn stand anyway? :zx11pissed:

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    Re: Booty pills?

    Quote Originally Posted by lalajenkins View Post
    Has anyone had any problems with these pills to enhance the buttocks?
    I have never ever taken any pill to enhance my body.

    After reading your post I did do a bit of research and what I have read was pretty much what I already assumed would be the case with booty pills and whether they would work to enhance your bottom the way you would like

    I would assume you are wanting a tight muscular bottom. Some call it a bubble butt. Genetics play a role in how muscle and fat are distributed through out our body. Certainly for most of us a tight firm ass takes a lot of exercise and a healthy diet.

    I am going to post an article that does say there are pills you can take to enhance your buttocks and they do work. Much is involved in finding the right pill and the things you would need to do to accomplish having a tight firm butt.


    I have no idea if there really is a pill that would help with tightening your buttocks.

    I do know exercise and a healthy diet would help but if you would end up with a bubble butt is an entirely different story. Not all people store fat and muscle the same way on their behinds.
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