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    sleep if it s not meant for You


    . I am not good on sentences and fragments I hope you can understand my story. I saw things I should have never seen, I think I know where UFO come from..

    We used to live in Mississippi. We moved four months ago. I used to be the kind of person who never complains did what I was told no questions asked. But now I feel like my son was stolen.( happiness). To much stuff happened a lot of it is not told in this story. Here is a little bit of what happened. The FBI put in my background check a theft charge from 1983 (27 years ago) when I was 13 years old, anyway thatís another story. Wait until you read the rest of this has got to be grand cat burglars I t took three months to get my GA. insurance license
    There was a crime, It was really botched. I feel like I have been discredited. Itís a long story that started in 2007 when I called the FBI. Living in the Robin hood Community... A guy came in the store bragging about a hundred bodies by a lake. When I called the FBI I blocked my number because I wasnít a rat. I didnít think anything else about it. I n September I went back and got my insurance license back. . The school instructor gave me the wrong book a Massa chutes book with the wrong name they also changed the date to 911 the instructor said he would tell me about it later. his friend that was sitting in the class room said you must be pretty important for them to do this. She then offered me a job. Mean while back at the insurance office they said I was there supper star. I didnít purse the insurance because my friend Missy and Dennis had a following out. I then decided to open a consignment store. Three months later from selling the store. A month after being opened I had a store fire on thanksgiving day. I heard beeps once before the fire and once after the fire like it was being recorded. I opened back up from the fire do to honor because I had other people stuff. Since then I havenít been able to find anyone to help me. I lost my job, been discredited, got divorced, lost my healthcare, my house, my credit, and trust in people. My children were also affected. I feel like I have been put in a trash bag.

    We used to own a convience store. I made commits in that store not knowing a man they call Santa clause was wired and worked for the sheffirs department. I know this because we became good friends and he said they were cutting the wires from being tapped. I n August 2008. The CIA OR FBI repeated back a conversation to me on the phone, they were already there before the fire. Plus a guy named Todd stated one time about Shirley temple Black, who was later fired. As Eva Williams Stated there was too many Moles. The first time I saw a CIA tag was when a Klan and meth game got busted. Which I found later in my dictionary that it was underlined rat, who doesnít know how to spell rat. Plus, a cop in the community told someone about his rats at the store.
    Later when I was at the store I was assaulted a girl I have never seen before punched me in the arm and said people had it in for us. That was the first time I sat on the porch looking up at the sky watching the clouds. I was tricked and knew I was tricked because of Santa clause who is my dear friend.

    I used to be an insurance agent. One day I got a call from another Missy I used to work with. She wanted me to come over because Dennis Mayfield was coming over from the insurance company I used to work for. We met at her house.. I was unhappy already in my marriage because my husbandís family was jealous of our good fortune and they tried everything in the book to get money from us or break us up. During the visit Missy asked me questions and I noticed she had a recorder because she pushed a button to turn it off. She knew their was a lot of crime in the area we lived in and I told her stuff. Plus she grew up their. In addition I spoke with her the other day and she made a comment that she did that, maybe caused the divorce between my husband and I. There was an investigation and it went way to far. Their was also A klan and meth gang that got busted. They were moving in the area we lived in. they got busted that was the first time I saw a tag that said CIA. Any way during this time we were going to buy restore a resort in the community. I noticed the investigation going on for that. You should have seen it.
    We backed out of the resort because it just wasnít safe I had a guy say out of the blue buzzards were going to keep picking at me until I was dead, It was the way he said it The banks quit lending money at that time or so they told us. I should have knew then that our phone was tapped. A lady names Judy Thrash tried to tell me about crime in Rankin County but, our phone connection was bad we kept trying to call one another back.

    I made a comment in 2008 that when we quit selling our novelty items we could no longer pay the phone bill at the store and missy and dennis went oh shit and ran in the next room. They also went oh shit after I said someone had to have said something to my husband because he did a 180 about his family. I knew they were recording our conversation because the recorder was right in front of me I just didnít think anything about it.

    Right before we sold the storeÖÖ
    We became friends with new neighbors. Iíll tell you about them next. This couple had access to our house. She always showed up at the nick of time. They were spying on us and need to be put in jail. I know it was them I heard late one night in my car. I even caught her daughter going through everything in our bathroom.

    They were in interracial couple. I became friends with the girl right away. This girl new sales she looked me in the eye for a year while ignoring my husband. She new about a doctor I turned in Brandon, when I did insurance from 2003 to 2006. She, Eva made a few comments like all her friends trying to pull her down and about the resort being a toxic shock. and how most people are at a certain level, but not me. She gained my trust to the full extent. She even knew what books I checked out in seventh grade. She even jumped in my face to see my reaction on trust. Investigators due that for some reason. She and her mother were harboring illegal boy friends. Her mother said ďus women need to stick together and how neither one of us were getting our house. .Her boyfriend Prisco which became my husbandís friend. We then found out after the fire how she used to strip and find jobs, people with money and he would stalk and find out everything there is to know about business owners then rob them blind and people wouldnít get there money back. She would make comments like moles are everywhere. And be careful what I see on TV it might be true. She said she had a double chin when she laid down so they could not film that. She would pose for the planes mean while new what she was about to do , she wasnít even shocked about the fire. meanwhilePrisco He said he did 2 years in prison for one job he got away with the rest, the girl got away with it. After we sold the store I paid my car off. And my husband and I got into a fight. That was august 2008, that conversation was repeated back to me so I know our house inside and out was already tapped before the fire.

    I decided to open a Thrift store. It was in Nov. of 2008. I was opened about a month when I had a store fire. It opened up a can of warms from the past that we had. I did not have insurance yet because I was high balled and I thought I could get through the Christmas holiday. This is where it gets sticky. The door was broke locked. The owner had just fixed it half way because the lock smith had to order a new part. The next day on thanksgiving I had a fire. The building was not up to code. The owner of the building followed me around the store and said remember what you said about being haunted, (I was getting a lot of dead people stuff in the stuff. It was a consignment shop.) I also just caught 3 kids stealing and I made a report on that 3 days before the fire. Anyway I went into shock. I felt I was in danger. I went back and tried to remember what people were saying right before the fire.. My husband made a comment about a double agent and said oh good they made it. That was odd. Because I got my insurance license twice. There was a guy I have a clear picture of him. He said donít obsess with this. I didnít know what he meant I just kept talking, I was busy. There was also 2 women that came in and said the store stunk like rotten eggs. I did hear beeps in the store once before the fire and once after the fire like it was being recorded. It then took 5 days to clean out the store. They then sent me home with all the ashes my 20,000 investment wasn/t worth anything. I feeling guilty because I didnít have insurance. The owner of the building Gerome Taylor started to rebuild the building. he had insurance.

    When my husband and I approached him about all my money I put down. I wanted some off my money back I was paid up in advance. He didnít want to give me my money back. So he offered 6 months free rent if I want to come back and reopen. I took it because I was concerned about the 47 consignors I had there stuff. I didnít realize it was his faulty building at the time I was in shock and feeling bad. He took advantage of me to. He is a crook. 2 and a half months later when I opened back up he started sending goons in. comments were made like thereís the girl who burnt down the store, another was in a threatening manner your lucky to start back. It wasnít my fault at all I was the victim and they turned it around on me. I started feeling sorry for myself and it affected the way I ran the store in the coming months.

    One night I heard people in my car, The door was dinging they were trying to muffle the sound. I also heard someone cough so I cough backed. I didnít tell my husband because I was already upset with him. And I trusted the new neighbors. I was talking about the sensors going out in it, The next day prisco thatís one of the new neighbors, made a comment about his fuses in his car. I then found eva jacket in the backseat of my car a couple of days later. They played with the electronics in our home. The phone was tapped, computer, static electricity ,surround sound, broad casting , repeated back private conversations. they would even flash my bathroom lights on and off. I donít understand, They took the surround sound and made noise with it. Comcast would show me stuff and I heard stuff on the radio. I tried to keep my wits .I got locked out of face book, trustmark , my life,, I was slapped in the face every time I turned around when. I heard they have voice recording, you could tell most of the time the clicks on the phone, what they said! My Husband knew some stuff he made comments and later denied them, you donít do that to your spouse your never supposed to leave someone behind. People mixed everything up and then denied it. So much stuff was said I remember more than 80% of what was said and done.

    This is where it gets spooky. When I went home and did some soul searching. I was looking up at the sky I was tricked and I knew I was tricked because the same thing happened before when that gang got busted. 5 months before. I had a satellite blind me in the eye. Eva (my neighbor) made a comment about that to. How she went into a tunnel, it just didnít make since she was talking about someone putting a mickeyís into her drink to. She even stated she was hear for realhablitation This girl eva taylor and prisco lee had something to do with this. I felt funny for about 24 hours I look back now and know they slipped me something. It was the comments that they would make. I had a computer virus and didnít realize it until they described it.. Bioterrosim, They said they had one to. Prisco Lee as soon as he found out about that INS picked him up and shipped him to panama. Which I donít believe for one minute. It was his face expression that gave it away. Eva said she caught a big fish and she had to let it go. When they pushed me so hard when I saw something on tv and she said 85% of scientist doesnít believe in Jesus because he doesnít have a last name. I then stated that I believe in God and he had a son and his name was Jesus, I let her have it that time. She later said this is the mother ship. Then later said they caught the duck. I believe none of this stuff should have happened all people had to do was ask not tap our house phones computer and even hire cons (new neighbors)

    After Prisco got deported Eva started acting like a cop. She would flip open her phone and say did you get that, Said I was A virgin to crime and I was going with them, said she wasnít sure about my husband. I was finally fed up with everything. My husband was leaving me so when I closed the store, eva was mad because of the botched situation. She then slept with my husband. I know it was all a set up. They didnít make sense she made other comments that were private between my husband and me she was spying with help. My husband and I were both victims. There was star wars, planes, ufos, and stars, crime, drugs, CIA, FBI, COPS, lightening, and numbers ,plus the broadcasting on the radio I was thrown into shock with a little short term memory. Their was beeps that came through the wall. They even zapped my ear with an electronic voice. So much weird stuff happened. There was also weird license plates like spy etcÖ I was looking people up that was looking us up on line. My computer was tapped the things I saw. What happened/ everywhere I went people had a tear in there eyes and they would make comments like they knew our personal business. A conversation from aug 2008 was repeated back to me, after I had the fire. Then someone said be careful what I say everything is being recorded. My husband called me crazy so I quit talking to him. There is a 1964 privacy act, my civil rights have been violated and I was also discriminated against because I am a women.

    It has been a year and a half. I have tried to find justice on this situation. I know we were robbed and people were by standers. They new or were hired to rob us blind. This whole thing went way beyond when my husband couldnít take anymore. I believe they robbed us, played us apart, and changed our lives. I did get my money back from taxes. But the mental health it caused for me and my kids are irrevocable. And prisco said after he would rob them they would never get there money back. I feel like my civil rights were violated and I was discriminated against. Every time I complained I was slapped in the face. The things I saw I should not have seen them and we shouldínt have been tricked. All people had to do was ask what happened they never did, I got beat up by people I loved all the way around. I have not found one person to help me get my money back or tell me what happened when I know they know. Because of the electronic ease dropping.

    My husband and I are back together now. I still feel like he knew some stuff and just didnít tell me. I we knew the truth and put people that harmed us in jail. I couldnít find an attorney because I didnít have the money. What would you do if you were even drugged one night. What would you do if you know you were coned , what would you do if every thing you said was being recorded, what would you do if you losted all your money because of con artists. I know have a phobia going out in public places, people know me and and I donít know how unless of the broadcasting. Who did it was it my husband chasing money and stepping on feet. Was it my new neighbors who were spies. Was it meth heads, the Klann, activist, kids, motivated, or the Mexicans next door (who also spiked my coffee one morning) or Grannie?. One attorney said it was RANKIN County another said it was the mexians next door, FBI, The computer hacker, or maybe it was the way the building was wired it was not up to code.

    Sincerely MB
    This is my story,Thanks giving day fire. Do you believe in cover ups ,area 51, secrets? You can actualy pull up ufo's , Chem Trails and Con Trails in brandon ms from December 2009 to Feburary 2010. After I had a fire in Pearl mississppi. I started talking to a good friend they called Santa Clause. I was saying Ratical words not knowing that our home,phones,and computer was already tapped. Thats another story. Well anyway they started playing with the electronics in our home, for example: they would flash out bathroom lights on and off, the sournd sound system we had in our home would go off, their was static ectrecity all over our house, Plus, have you ever looked at a batterie operated clock and a digital clock and they have different times. The battery operated clocks were right. They stared tapping our cable showing short stories and broadcasting our personal lives on the radio. This is wear it went to way to far. One night They dropped an electronic voice in my ear. My daughter said whats that I instanley froze in bed that night, I didn't want to look I was peterfied. There was a loud thunder noise after that. The next day there was a small black cloud in the shape of a small h that moving very low in the sky it was not a natural cloud. A guy cam in the store and showed me a picture of it, he saw it to. They started showing electricity like lightening in the sky one of the bolts was above my heard another almost hit my daughter, I started seeing flashed of light in the sky like they were taking picutures. I started seeing them in my house on the ceiling. Sparks thats what I called them. One night I saw on tv that most people dont think there car going to explode. When I was going through My PST from the fire I could have sworen they would turn on my blinkers in my car for me.
    All the fuses (computer system ) went out in my car, I was complaing about it, I soon heard them about 3:00 am in the morning muffling the sound of my car door being opened, On off them coughed so I coughed back. I should have woke up my husband But I trusted , I thought it was for my protection.
    Anyway so much stuffed happened. I started hearing a baby crying, a soft quiet experience. My Prisco Lee , my neighbor came over, he had a EPT device I heard jerama I spelt that wrong. On time early in the morning I was sitting on the porch. I got a glimse of a blue figure on my porch. I actually saw that twice. I saw a haileys coment that was pretty , they was stars that would light up and quickley move away. When I went to church I could have sworn someone muniplated the bible. I opened the bible up to Jerama and numbers and it said the same exact thing how god placed in alter of the bramble kind. The kids at church was shaped in a v and there four strings hanging from the ceiling. All I did was keep my head down because I knew the the numbers was altered. I was looking up words in the dictionary, bible and dream book. One night I saw a a white owl (I think) with a halo aroung it. I started seeing clouds in the distant not the natural ones. I looked at the sky so mush I started seeing faces, numbers in the clouds there was so many. Of of those days the whole sky was full of them it was amazing . there is a word for that something like pardonia..
    I dont know if Santa clause had to do with this , but he worked for the wild life at one time. There was birds like they were trainded birds flying right infront of me. They was a humming bird, a bumble bee, a fox, a wild cat, and a stray dog.
    I even talked to an airplane one time. My computer led me to a bipolar page I typed in #### and then they shot something in the sky.
    One night my daughter and I were laying in bed and in the mid air I heard beeps comming for my ear. when it hit my ear I leaned up , I looked at the ceiling and saw three red dots on the cieling.. Anyway I didn't sleep very well for a year my cell phone would light up at 3:12 in the morning. I even smelt chicken noodle soup throup our air vent one night, that diffentley put me to sleep. Between air planes, Projected ufos, and lightening. I believe there was so many witness . I just wish someone can explain what happed, pieace it together and get me out of the shock I still fell today. Missy Berry 678-314-7767

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